Welcome to my new blog! We’ll see what will be in store this blog, but for now, welcome.

Why Daisies and Storms?

For me, they both are pretty accurate descriptors of who I am. I have been told I am like a dandelion but a daisy seems also appropriate. Day’s Eye. Purity, love, beauty, simplicity, and patience. Though, at times that is not quite me, but I think it is something to aspire to more. And as for the dandelion description, like the seed fluffs I always leave my mark on the people I meet. They can never forget me type thing. But it is far nicer to say Daisies than Dandelions. 🙂

I also love storms and I think at times that is how my brain works, like a thunderstorm. I work a lot with the element of electricity/lightning in my magic so it makes sense. My craft name incorporates storm into it. So yeah.

What may come later on this blog?

I mostly plan on exploring my current spiritual and witchy path. Some posts may be about experiments. Some may be on my progress on a given subject. Currently I have been going through studying about Shadow Work and shamanic inspired witchcraft from Penczak so I may be talking about that here and there. I may talk about my meditations and dreams. I may talk about spells I am working on or rituals I do. I may do some devotional work concerning any of the beings (deity or otherwise) that I work with. We will just have to see.

Why a new blog?

I recently tried taking time away from things to re-center and re-focus myself on my path and figure out where I needed to go. I had been considering starting a new blog here or on Tumblr about my current path work. I decided here would be best to start that new blog as taking time away from Tumblr is still needed and here I can focus more specifically on me and not just reblogging things all the time.

I didn’t want to just use my other WordPress blogs as one was already focused on my past lives and the other was focused on where my path has been and where I came from and those past experiences. I needed a fresh place to start. And so I have now started this blog.

I hope this goes where I want it to and helps me to continue to focus on my path and what I want to do with it.


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