A Little Music Craft

I guess I will break my unstated rule and post more than one real post today. However, I guess this is less of a real most and more of a link/reblog of my music post from my other blog.

Please check out this post here to read.

I made mention of music in my post about what kind of a witch I am. And I guess I do use it more than I realize. This playlist, among other ones, helps motivate me to write, helps me recall memories from past lives and even this current life and the events that happened here. Sometimes these songs and other ones help boost my energy. Sometimes they allow me to zone out and slip into my memories of the past more easily because many are quite nostalgic for me. But music does a great deal for me.

An old friend who I stumbled across on Tumblr mentioned me in a TBT style post about how she learned to use music in warding and protection and how I taught her to do so. The funny thing is I never really thought about it back then as something I did. I mean, I loved music and would listen to it quite frequently. I still love it and often set up short playlists when doing any craft work or writing or maybe devotional work. The music is almost always there.

If I sit and listen more to my body and energy I will notice how it affects my energy. I can raise my energy more. I can boost my confidence. I dance to bring up more energy. Sometimes I use that energy. Often times I don’t. I just let the energy dissipate.

It is certainly something I need to purposely work on in the future. Considering now and then I like to do a little shufflemancy I could certainly use music in other ways than just background noise. Things keep getting added to my list of things I need to do to focus my path and craft more. Music is now definitely one of them.


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