Which Witch Am I?

I consider myself a witch. I don’t cast many spells with all the flourishes, but I do work a lot of magic in different ways.

I am mostly an eclectic witch by my very nature. I do a little kitchen witchcraft and I do a little faery witchcraft. I do a little of this and a little of that. There are a few things I don’t do because they just do not appeal to me or work for me and my practice.

Aside from being called eclectic, I could definitely be considered a faery witch, a kitchen and cottage witch, a hedge witch, a bit of a green witch, a bit of an urban witch, sometimes with a little pop-culture witch thrown into the mix, and at times a more elemental witch. Though, in all honesty, eclectic is probably the best definition of what type of witchcraft I do. That, and the term hedge witch as I do a lot of astral work in my spiritual and witchcraft paths.

I started looking into Wicca way back in high school but never got into it since I still lived at home and it was too expensive of a religion for someone without a job. It wasn’t until a few years after I graduated college, was living back at home again going to grad school, and had just “F U’ed” my former best friend from college that I finally started looking into Wicca again.

After a couple years of study I realized that was not really the path for me. There were too many restrictions, too many misconceptions, and things just didn’t fully jive with my beliefs and path. I don’t always like casting full magick circle. I don’t always like honoring every Full Moon and every Turn of Wheel of the Year. And it became more apparent that witchcraft is much more secular than (neo-) Wiccan books like to claim.

In short, witchcraft worked for me, but the religion of Wicca did not. Though I do find my craft often goes hand in hand with my spiritual beliefs and practices, they are not one and the same. I am still working on what exactly works for me: what occult practices I resonate with and which I can set aside.

Again, I practice a wide variety of techniques and can be considered very very eclectic in that respect. What works for me, works and what doesn’t will either get tried again to see if it was a fluke or set aside.

What Techniques/Areas of Study I Work With:

Crystals – I love crystals. I resonate with them at such a deep level they will always be a part of my craft. I use them with grids and charging and things like that.

Candles – I love candles because they are simple to use. Just put intention into the candle and burn it.

Colors – This really goes hand in hand with the crystals and candles because I love color and feel it can create a lot of healing and change for people when used appropriately (wearing clothes of a certain color, burning a certain candle color, or carrying certain colored crystals, etc.)

Scents – I use incenses and oils. I don’t mix my own incenses because I just don’t go out and get too many loose herbs to do so as that just seems too messy and expensive to me, but I will buy certain incenses to use for meditation and other things. And with oils I like to use certain ones to anoint candles, add to bath water, spells jars, and whatever else to aid in whatever magic I am doing. I will blend my own when necessary.

Divination – I use various divination techniques, including: Tarot, runes, pendulum, scrying, tea leaf reading, stichomancy/bibliomancy, and general oracle cards. I also do a bit with shufflemancy and music from time to time.

Thread and Yarn – I mostly use threads but I have recently done work with thread magic and weaving type of magic. I don’t know quite how to explain what I do as it is mostly intuition based. Colors are involved obviously.

Spell Jars/Charms/etc. – I have recently incorporated making spell jars and charms for different purposes.

Herbs and Spices – Now, I don’t do this often because I am not as inclined to herbalism as others, but now and then I will incorporate herbs into spells/charms and even into tea and cooking.

Chants and Words – I actually don’t say much during any spells. I should though. This may be an area I need to work on more. I can come up with things to say when I’ve done spells with my roommate but I don’t always do it in regards to my own workings unless it is general affirmations.

Music – Music can be energizing, motivating, and all-around powerful for me. So I listen to a lot of music and sometimes incorporate it into my craft.

Protection – This is a huge area I do magic in. You can never use too many protection. And in regards to my past experiences, I’ve had too many dealings with demons and malicious entities to want to deal with them again, so I make sure I have plenty of protection.

Energy Work – My protection magic usually goes hand in hand with simple energy work. I can manipulate with visualizations and intentions the energy around me and from me to make magic. That can be shielding and wards and other protection or it could be sending whatever energy out for luck or to change the traffic lights to green. I also do work with my own personal energy field of my aura and chakras etc.

Spirit Work – I work a lot with spirits. These can be faeries (of all sorts), spirit guides, animal guides, angels, deities, whatever else. I do a lot of work with all sorts of beings in the unseen worlds.

Psychic Abilities – I do consider psychic abilities a part of my craft though others may not consider it related to witchcraft at all. I work on developing them to better communicate with the spirits I work with and to sense things better to increase my successes in magic and divination. Along with the Spirit Work and Energy Work this is where I get into more the hedge witchery.

Astral/Metaphysical Woo-Stuff Work – I do a lot of work on the astral and metaphysical realms. This is where a lot of my Woo-Life happens. I don’t always consciously go out and do it as it often happens at night when I am sleeping which I have seen called Dream-Walking. In those times hints will come through in dreams.

Dream Work – I consider this different than the above because this is where general emotional, psychological, and healing work can happen in dreams rather than out in the metaphysical and astral realms. This is stuff that primarily just happens in my own dream space. I get a lot of information through dreams, whether it is astral in nature or past life or shadow work or general healing, it comes to me in dreams.

Reiki and Healing – I have been certified in Level 2 Reiki and have used that in charging objects and also healing myself and others.

Past Life Work – I do a lot of work, regressions and the like, regarding my past lives and karmic lessons. I know about quite a few of them but not all. I have been a witch in several lives, only one of which I know I specifically called myself such. This work helps me unlock and expand on my various abilities and skills more as well as just developing myself personally and spiritually and everything.

Shadow Work – Right now this is becoming a definite focus in my path both craftwise and general spiritual development wise. This involves a combination of other areas.

Meditation – I try to meditate quite frequently or at least on a regular basis. Some days I forget, but I am trying to get back in the habit. My astral work sometimes happens here. My shadow work happens here. Healing and other energy work happens here. Spirit work and communication happens here.

Devotional Work – I do work with a variety of beings. Some are spirit guides and others are deities that guide my path or help me along some point in it. Some of my work, magical or spiritual does involve aspects of devotional work. I have shrines and altars set up for certain beings. I get certain pieces, gems, statues, etc. that remind me of different beings as offerings and reminders of them. I don’t always do full devotional work and honoring rituals or anything but now and then I’ll leave something for them or reblog things on Tumblr as eshrine type business.

Miscellaneous – There are other things I probably do that can be considered witchcraft. Various techniques and abilities I use that I don’t necessarily think about or associate with my craft but could very well be a part of it.

In the future I may write more specific posts on each of these and give examples what I do exactly. But for now I thought I’d give some background as to what I do.


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