A Glitter Bottle for a Pixie Soul

Glitter Bottle for a Pixie Soul

I decided to make a glitter bottle last night. I had seen posts about them and I thought they were super cool and fun. The main purpose is usually to calm someone if they might be having an anxiety attack of if they are a child and are having a fit and need a time out or if someone has anger issues and needs to chill out. The person shakes it when upset and watches the glitter settle to the bottom like you might a snow globe and by the time it is done you should feel calm again or else shake it again and wait. Personally, that isn’t really what I needed it for. I just thought they are cool and pretty.

To make one you get a bottle, plastic or glass, and add clear glue, water, and glitter. You can use glitter glue but you have to mix it with boiled water first to make it less thick. Adding food color helps give it an additional umph too.

I made one with purple glitter glue that I emptied into my empty cleaned out Prego sauce jar before adding the boiled water half-way. I shook up the bottle trying to get the glue to break up enough but it is still a little thick. I added blue and red food color to deepen the purple to more and then I added white, blue, and I think pink superfine loose glitter. I filled the rest of with cold water and closed the bottle and shook, shook, shook.

It looks really pretty. Dark purple, indigo colored with starlight glitter twinkling throughout it. I love it.

Of course, I really don’t know exactly what to do with it. I still need to add a little to it. Duct tape the lid and add a little fabric and ribbon to the top to finish it up and hide the Prego logo. But for now, it is mostly finished.

I have considered using it for craft purposes, but I am not entirely sure what that is. Meditation? Astral Travel? Void Walking in particular? Scrying? It really holds some unlimited possibilities. I think the purple definitely lends itself to higher spiritual pursuits though.

I plan on making more. I bought extra glue, including a bottle of red glitter glue. That one I may use for something related to motivation and getting myself going. But I wanted to make the purple one first because I have been obsessed with stars and galaxies ever sense I started Void Walking.

But whether I eventually charge it for the specific purpose of anything of just have it to be pretty, it definitely suits my pixie soul. I love shiny, sparkly things and I quite enjoy glitter. It reminds me quite a bit of pixie dust and that, in and of itself, is enough for me right now.


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