Psychic Development Class and a Message About My Path(s)

I have another post I plan on putting up soon, but since I went to Psychic Development today, I figured I talk about that first instead.

As a general background, I started going to Psychic Development classes at a local New Age shop. A co-worker of my best friend and roommate told us about it way back when I was still in college. We visited it a few times and the summer before my senior year I remember having gone to a couple Monday night classes for meditation with her. It wasn’t until around 2011 we started going to their Psychic Development class and we have been going fairly regularly since.

I love going. I love the teacher, John, because he makes it so fun and down-to-earth. There are some great people who I can connect with and learn from and help teach. And, of course, I can learn to develop my psychic gifts and trust what I get.

Last week when I went during my mini-retreat, we got to do psychic art for the class. It is similar to making an inkblot but you tend to use 7-9 colors of paint to create the energy while “reading” the energy of whoever you will be reading for. It utilizes what John calls “matrixing” to pull symbols from the image created to give the person a message. This is how people see animals and shapes in clouds or the face of Jesus in a tortilla. The symbols or color combinations you see have a meaning to you or the person you are reading for and you can give messages with those symbols.

I always have fun with those, especially when I get to take home the art afterwards. I have a whole series on my wall from all the times we have done it over the years.

Today, we got to use oracle cards though. John tends to avoid these because he has a longer class on Tarot but also because he knows some people will rely solely on the cards in giving messages. He also doesn’t like the ones that have words and sayings on them because it creates even more of a crutch in giving messages. So today he grabbed three sets of cards that have no words or meanings attached to the images. One set being called Soul Cards, which I did not get to work with unfortunately.

I got stuck with a deck with very trippy geometric fractal images. They honestly started reminding me a lot of psychic art because they were very abstract. But I really did not like looking at them at first. They were just too trippy to look at, but I was going to roll with it.

I got to work with a regular student named Carol who rarely, if ever, has worked with cards of any sort. So, I got to teach her a little something about knocking the energy off and then shuffling. I read first and laid out three cards in a past, present, future manner. I don’t really remember what it was I said to her, but it seemed to make enough sense for her despite not answering the question she had.

She then read for me and was spot on with the reading. She saw in the “past” card that there had been a lot of drama, but I was always surrounded by protection. Then in the “present” card she saw me having a lot of paths and options to choose from. And finally the “future” showed…well…I actually have forgotten what it was that card showed. Something along the general lines of I’ll find my path and be happy if I choose the path based on my heart’s desire.

The thing is, during my class meditation that day and previous meditations from my mini-retreat I have been asking about what path to take. I have so many options and interests and I have been having that soul-searching lost thing going on that I have been asking my guides and deities about what I should be doing and their answer has been the constant, “well, you can do anything you want you just have to figure out what that is for yourself.” Ugh. It has been frustrating to say the least. But that reading from Carol was just more confirmation that is how things are.

Eventually, maybe in the course of future posts here, I will have figured out exactly what path I will be taking. It seems to be quite full of twists and turns at the moment, but at least I feel like I am headed some place again and not just standing still.


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