Dream Log 3.22

The Why:

So, I figured I would start writing about some of my dreams as I have them. It makes sense and actually kind of relates to my most recent post over on my other WordPress that mentioned dreams I had my sophomore year in college that came true. I have always had vivid, weird dreams. Some are less vivid than others, but usually when I remember something it is important in some way. I used to treat my dreams as an inspiration for new stories, which at times I still do. But more often now, they indicate something else.

Last night’s dream probably wasn’t anything special; I just feel it is important that I start writing them down more and making a point to process what I do remember. These Dream Logs will serve as that space to write them out and mull over the ideas. Some might end up being Astral Log crossovers depending.

The Dream:

It is somewhere in the middle of the dream. Details from earlier have been lost already. I am at my parent’s house and a man, two men, are almost fighting over me. The one helps me get into the van as he goes around to drive. The other opens my door again and almost begs me to go with him instead.

It is strange. I look between them, slightly turned off by the whole situation. Whatever was happening before makes this seem like a minor kidnapping situation. There is the feeling that something is happening and they both may be trying to protect me but are taking me against my will, but I am going anyway, because, for whatever reason, I can’t or won’t fight back.

The man at the door is begging me to choose him and be with him, while the one in the driver’s seat is insisting I stay with him. I can’t choose between them. Maybe I care about both? I tell the one outside of the car I can’t choose either of them and somehow it is made known that he should get in the car as well.

They think they have to protect me, in this smothering way that I don’t know if I like. It makes me feel weaker than I am.

Then things shift, the way they do in dreams, and there is running involved. A woman says something about wondering why people kept going off her radar and she pieces it together when she sees the yellow mist that I run into. I don’t know if she followed or if she was the one I was running from. I don’t remember if the two men were still with me, but there were others in the mist, in the cave system of abandoned buildings and overgrowth – a ruined cityscape that merged with the wilds.

I don’t know if we are hiding, running, or something else. The mist kept others out, or at least kept them from sensing in.

And whatever other details have faded away. But the feeling sticks. There wasn’t any major fear; concern at best. But there was the feeling about something in the details I can’t remember now. There is a familiarity in it, perhaps having been in a similar dream before. It wasn’t wholly a new environment as there are threads there that remind me of other dreams I can’t recall. And the two men, insisting on protecting me like I can’t do it myself.

The Interpretation:

I really don’t have an interpretation for this. I may not most of the time I do these logs.

Sometimes, I dream about my soulmate Gerarian, but he usually doesn’t get protective of me in that way. He knows I can protect myself. This dream, and the part with the two men trying to basically claim me as theirs was very strange. Trust me when I say I don’t have people fighting over me in real life. Once upon a time, when I dated my ex-girlfriend and Gerarian was around all non-corporeal and all, the two of them fought from time to time about me, specifically how Liz treated me not being up to par according to Gerarian.

Neither man gave off the feeling of being Gerarian though, or Liz in male form, or even Z. I can’t say if they were familiar at all or if I was just not making the connection of who the men were. I don’t always make those connections. I don’t remember what was happening in the dream to make them want or feel the need to get me out of there and protect me.

And the frustrating thing is, during the dream I did not feel like I could necessarily protect myself. I was able to tell them that I wouldn’t choose between them. But I couldn’t tell them I could protect myself. And that is damn frustrating to look back on because I know I can.

In regards to the woman and the mist – I don’t know. The place seemed familiar like I have visited that place before or at least places with a similar feeling, but I can’t place it. The woman I don’t remember if she was good or bad.

This was probably not the best dream to do this first time around, but I wanted to go ahead and write it out.


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