Tarot Log – Week Ahead for 3.23

I try to do a weekly Tarot pull now and then on my Tumblr, and I figured I’d start doing that here as well.

Adapted from the weekly spread that my roommate uses. Using Shadowscapes.

What is the next step on my spiritual path this week:

King of Swords

This King is a pillar of strength and morality. He holds power over life and death. He is a warrior king, always prepared for action. He is a leader that rides at the front of the army. He follows a path of truth and wisdom guided by the owl. He is also guided by the two ravens, much like Odin’s. They fly to seek out the truth and bring but their findings to whisper in his ears. He is a blend of science and art, day and night, sun and moon.

It may be a week to blend and balance aspects of my spiritual and mundane lives together. He works with animal guides here and I may need to sit down with mine this week. A part of me thinks there might be something coming this week that I have to be prepared for like the King is always prepared.

What challenges will I face on my path this week:

I The Magician

The Magician represents with originality, creativity, skill, willpower, self-confidence, dexterity, and sleight of hand. He grasps at the unseen and harnesses it to become reality. He harnesses the elements. He knows what he wants and knows he can make it happen with an exertion of his will and knowledge of how to manipulate the world.

I may be over-confident or not confident enough this week to do what needs to be done for my path. I’m thinking the not so much one because that is how I’ve been these last few weeks. So the challenge becomes knowing I can do what needs to be done and making sure I have the right amount of confidence in myself. Also, relating to my idea that the King is warning me to be prepared about something coming this card makes me also think about it dealing with someone who is a lot like the Magician.

Advice for the next step:

XI Justice – She is balance, harmony, equilibrium, assuming responsibility, weighing all sides of an issue, choosing with full awareness. She relies on a logical mind, capable of objectiveness in all situations and adjusting. Meditation on right morality, and duty, and even compromises might need to be made to truly see both sides of the situation. Admit and acknowledge truth. Comprehend results of actions and connections they have to everything else and then set course for future.

The meditation part strikes me on this card and it may indicate that I need to keep up on my meditations and journeying to be successful in this next step on my path.

All three cards have winged figures in them. The King has a pair of darker feathered wings with shadows springing from them. The Magician has two-toned wings with dark feathers at their center. The wings of Justice are much the same, though remind me more of a swan that the Magician’s wings. Thought it was note-worthy to mention that. May need to work with angels this week as well.


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