Dream Log 3.16ish

I had this dream last week at some point and it really intrigued me. I felt the need to post it even though I had it before I started this blog. I also have the urge to draw now too based on it.

The Dream:

My wrists are cuffed in heavy irons before me, but I am being transferred or released. I’m not quite sure which. There are two other prisoners, both male, with me as we are taken abroad the ship.

I stretch my dragon-like wings for the first time since being taken out of the prison and it feels good to be out in open air again. The wind catches them for a moment and I relish the air puffing at them before I fold them back.

He is here. The one who locked me up. He is releasing me and my fellow prisoners for this voyage he is making. He needs our help with something and we are being granted temporary conditional freedom to serve him.

Other passengers, non-convicts, are also boarding the ship. There are two children, a boy and a girl. It’s her.

The other two prisoners pay no heed to the other passengers. They know who the man is and what he has done to us, and me specifically.

“Why don’t you kill him?” the one asks when he is gone. “You could kill him easily and we’d all be free.”

I turn and smile at them. “He knows I won’t do it.” I turn back to look at the girl who has no recognition at all of me and continues playing with the boy, her half-brother. “Not with her here.”

Whether my affiliates understand is of no concern. She is my daughter taken away from me when he sent me away. She is our daughter. He knows I will protect her with my life and that I would not kill him with her present and not knowing who I am.

Time passes and we’ve taken to land again. We are traveling across the wilds and dragon country where it is dangerous to travel uninvited. I don’t know where we are going, but I understand now why he wanted me here.

I sense them first and then I see them in the sky in the distance. I motion for the others to take cover in the brush and few bushes that surround us. This is what makes the journey difficult, little coverage for the fly overs. We’ve been spotted and a group of small dragonlings land around us.

They sleep, however. Perhaps it’s by chance, dream logic, or someone’s ability, they fall asleep and do not attack.

We are back at the ship again, but something has happened. It is sinking. There are more people now and the water in the main cabin is rising and covers us all. But no one panics and no one seems to be unable to breath. They simply keep going about their business.

I find myself wandering into a room of waiting men. I know they are here because they are expecting a child to be born. They are meant to be separated from the women and I am promptly sent out of the room. I turn around and find that the woman, whoever she is, has had the baby and my father is holding the child at the moment before handing it to me. I never see the woman.


I like calling it commentary now. 🙂

The part most striking for me from this dream has got to be the wings. Metaphysically and on the astral I do have wings, but they are pixie wings like a dragonfly. They are definitely not large bat/dragon/demon-like wings. They were powerful wings and had the little hook claw on them. I don’t know what I was, but I know I wasn’t a demon. The other prisoners had an awe for me as being powerful but there was no indication that I was anything like an actual demon.

The man and the daughter was also intriguing to me. He was quite dismissive of me and barely acknowledged me in the dream, but I knew full well who he was. And the girl was our daughter. I have astral children, but she was not one of my daughters from now. In some cases, I can see my own Gerarian being the man, but the context is so odd that I don’t know. I rarely saw him in the dream to be able to connect him to anyone I have met in this life.

Other events started deteriorating in the whole dream-time way things do. But that part about being a prisoner with these dragon wings and having a daughter were the clearest part.

Sometimes I wonder if it is an indication of some strange past-life where I incarnated as another type of being. But I don’t know what type of being that is as I have never come across any similar besides demons and I can’t just reincarnate as a demon for the hell of it. Other times I wonder if the dream is one of those snap shots into another reality that I get from time to time. A glimpse at what is happening in a parallel/alternate reality/universe. I do get those from time to time, but it has been a while.

The other parts of the dream almost seem heavily symbolic of whatever. I try not to dig too deep into some of my dream symbols because they can get quite weird. Although, the pregnancy and baby portion put me on red alert when a second dream two nights later had someone pregnant in it again. But I may mention that further in another dream log about that dream.

Whatever the dream was indicating really did pique my interests. It is definitely something I still want to figure out because it had that clarity to it that my other more “normal” dreams don’t have. I remembered it too clearly the events and the feelings of it to just set aside.


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