Dream Log 3.29

The Context:

I had a number of dreams last night or rather this morning. But this one was most vivid and weird and interesting all at the same time. There is another bit I remember from a separate dream but this one takes the cake. The other bit is out of context and I can’t quite retell it fully anyway.

But I need to give some minor context before I begin. Last night we had a surprise party for a friend’s birthday. We of course had to play Cards Against Humanity. If you have never played it, it’s like Apples to Apples only for really horrible people and you always feel like you are going to Hell by playing it.

One of the playable white cards is “a plunger to the face.” Which isn’t remarkable in and of itself, but my friend and her husband kept talking about it at one point as we were playing. As I slept and came in and out of dreaming and unconsciousness my own thoughts last night kept going to our game playing and things being said and of course, “a plunger to the face” was one of those things.

So I will leave you with that and you can figure out why that comment is necessary.

The Dream:

Everyone was gathering around the device. It would be my first year being a part of it all this time. I had finally come of age to share my dreams with them. But I wasn’t excited about that in the least.

Sharing meant they would know. They would be able to know about everything. The device was a form of mind reading and control of the human population. It was their version of keeping the peace and an eye on troublesome people who would destroy the civilization they had made on our world.

I had seen the ceremony before. Everyone laying around the devices waiting for them to show up. When they did there would be at least one of them at each device. They would plug in, if that is the right term for it, allowing one tentacle to touch the device and the other to suction to each person’s face in turn.

That’s when they would read everyone’s thoughts and dreams. They fed off that telepathic psychic energy. That’s one reason they brought the devices to us. We had such rich dreams and thoughts apparently. But not everyone liked the process and wanted to be a part of it. Not everyone had nice thoughts and dreams.

They began to use the device to weed out the troublesome population. It was no longer a volunteer process. It became mandatory at a certain age. And if you had anything to do with and resistance movements or thoughts, you would be removed permanently.

There were a few would could resist. I had been training to do so before now, but I didn’t know if I would be able to. I was too nervous. My dreams had always been too vivid, my thoughts always running wild.

My mentor (my aunt? my mother?) pulled me aside with several others of our little group. We still had time before the ceremony so we walked down a set of stairs out and away.

I had forgotten something. My token. We had to go back for it. It would help focus me during the process to keep them from reading too far in. It would help keep my dreams rich enough but also bland enough to not be noticed as there had been times when someone’s dreams were too vivid and too rich that the person was taken away to be their personal daily treat.

We were well off the premises when I found my token, an old rosary. We needed to get back quickly, but there wasn’t much time. We flew/glided (???) down to the ground before running back to the stairs and up to the device.

I took a spot near a friend (cousin?). I was nervous still, but comforted that I had my token on hand. There were no rules against them. They hadn’t figured out yet why some always and consistently brought special items with them during the ceremony. They hadn’t figured out why they could only read so far into their bland dreams. But I wouldn’t be the first.

The Commentary:

So yeah. Apparently my dream was set in some version of things where these aliens were around and they fed on dreams. They started using it to figure out who was resistance because their device acted as a mind reading machine. And they had plunger-esque tentacles that would suction around people’s faces (like Daleks I suppose only not so mind-melty). I never actually saw the beings in my dream, I just knew about it.

Typical I would be involved in the resistance too. That’s usually how my dreams work. I’m an Aquarius, the rebel sign, ruled by the rebel planet. Of course I involve myself with resistance movements.

The flying part was random, but whatever. Have to have something out of context in my dreams. Having a rosary as a token is not so out of context though. I love rosaries. I’ll still say them now and then too. Of course, when I finally got up this morning I noticed my damn cat had knocked my grandmother’s rosary off the windowsill where I have a meditation space.

I don’t know if there is quite anything else I have to say about this dream. It was quite interesting to say the least.


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