Weekly Tarot 3.30

Keeping up on my weekly tarot. Good for me.

What is the next step in my path?

Seven of Swords – Escaping responsibility. Taking what is not yours. Dishonesty and being two-faced and thus not trusting or having faith in others. Deception breeds deception and distrust. – Either the cards are telling me I should be deceitful and cautious in trusting people this week as part of my path or that I need to be less dishonest with myself (I come up with things out my ass as I type sometimes)? I’m not 100% sure there. But honestly, I’m supposed to be doing some shadow work and that card sort of relates quite well to that idea. I don’t think it’s really telling me to be deceitful but perhaps it is needed for me to take a look at those sides of myself where I am being dishonest and two-faced with myself. Start being honest with myself about whatever.

What obstacles will get in my way?

Seven of Wands – Taking a stand, defending what you believe in. Strife and competition. Must have faith and courage to face the difficulties ahead. – Relating back to the previous card, I may have some issues with doing that. Perhaps this is where that dishonesty lies or it is related in some way to faith and courage. I may have trouble taking a stand and having faith in myself and whatever it is I need to do this week. Perhaps, even like my way of interpreting my cards today that seems half-assed and full of shit but I’m going with it.

Advice on overcoming said obstacles and being successful on this step:

XV The Devil – Losing independence. Caught up in material realm. Hopelessness. Break free of the puppeteer’s strings by looking beyond the material blockades and temptations. – The last bit of this is what I am figuring is the advice I need. I have a lot of blockades I create for myself and those are often what keeps me from progressing along my path. Whether those blockades are self-doubts, little distractions, excuses, or little lies I tell myself, they are my making and I can overcome them.

And sometimes I feel like I’m shitting out my ass when I do these things.


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