Maya’s Deity Dealings: The Morrígan

I guess I’m starting a new series of posts on here. This one dedicated to the deities I work with and how I work with them. I want to start defining things for myself more and part of that involves defining how I work with the divine. So this will be the first in the series.


I am no expert on the deities I work with regarding their lore and everything, but I figured a brief synopsis of who she is would be a good place to start.

The Morrígan is an Irish deity of the Tuatha dé Danann. She is often seen as one of three sister goddess whose names vary depending on the source, usually being Badb, Macha, Nemain or Anand.

She is often associated with the themes of strife, battle, sovereignty, prophecy and fate. She is said to have taken the forms of an eel, a wolf, and a cow and can also be associated with ravens, crows, and horses. She is known as the Phantom Queen or Great Queen.

Information on her can be found various places:

Mary Jone’s Article on the Morrigan

Encyclopedia Mythica’s Article

Feast of the Morrighan by Christopher Penczak

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield

I’m really actually lazy and don’t particularly want to go into all her lore on here. I mostly wish to discuss my views, UPG, or what have you about her.

Why and How I Began Working With Her:

So why do I work with the Morrígan? Good question. She came to me. She’s always been around. I probably couldn’t get rid of her if I tried.

The first time I began working with the Morrígan was at the end of the first year I started devoting to working on a pagan path. She actually showed up to my roommate first was basically told her to tell me to work with her. I was being slow and working slowly through meditating and working with different deities (at that time the Greek pantheon).

Basically, she had been around a while. She was keeping an eye on me and would make her presence subtly known. I had a fascination with her before I began to work with her, but I was hesitant to work with her as I wasn’t sure how working with a battle deity would work out for me. But I did a little New Moon ritual (I was working in a Wiccan paradigm at the time) and met with Hekate in meditation who told me there was someone who wanted to meet me.

The Morrígan basically said, “Finally” to me and insisted on working with me. After that I began to hear her more clearly than I had any other spirit I have worked with. I remember driving home from work one of the days just after and “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant came on the radio and she was there and made it clear she really enjoyed that song. So it eventually became one of her trigger songs for Shufflemancy.

But she was around before then. I can look back and see the times she was making herself known to me. Ravens/crows have been a bit of a thing for me for a while. I got them one time during a spirit animal spread with Medicine Cards from my mom’s friend. Also during my freshman year of college I saw three crows flying in front of me one day before a major event that changed my life. I had an obsession with large black wings, often imagining wearing them when I felt in danger and wanted or needed to appear more threatening on campus.

I suppose those don’t sound like much, but it was enough for me to realize she was there before I finally acknowledged her and let her in to my life.

How I Work With Her Now:

I see the Morrígan as very much like a mother figure for me. A very stern mother. She’s a mentor and guide for me. If I have problems with something I will often go to her for advice. I have even ranted and bitched to her before about shit being so fucked up there didn’t seem anyway to undo it. She had me do a very cathartic thing during that meditation meeting that actually helped me work through that issue.

We are not touchy feely with each other. But she has been a comfort to have around. I tend to attract spirits that are broody, stoic, and stern and she is no exception. She has told me to suck it up before. She also rolls her eyes at me more times than I can count. But again, she is a comforting mother-like presence for me.

Recently, I have been quite a pest to her asking what I should be doing with myself spiritually. She rolls her eyes and reminds me that that is my choice. Which frustrates me more than anything. But she has been guiding me nonetheless.

She is one of the clearest deities and beings I can hear clairaudiently. I would not have thought I would ever really develop that ability, but her presence has made it easier to start listening to those wavelengths. She likes to remind me of her presence now and then as well with crows cawing or flying near if I haven’t paid attention to her in a while.

I also tend to call upon her during tarot readings. She is associated with prophecy and fate and thus, for me, she is linked to divination. So when I begin a reading for myself I’ll add her in my prayer to get a clearer reading. I also tend to work with her when giving messages during psychic development classes as she tends to be the most direct in giving me information than other guides I have worked with.

Offerings and Shrines:

I have a decent-sized shrine space for the Morrígan. My roommate bought me a puzzle that reminded her and me of the Morrígan around the time we moved in to our place together. I put it together, glued it, and hung it on the wall above one of my book cases. There I have a cloth and several candles and several chalices because I have it set on the west wall of my office. One of the chalices is a wine glass I painted with an image of her and all her names. I also have a small carved black stone statue of a crow for her there. And now I have a dragon oil warmer in that space. The dragon warmer also doubles for my dragon guardian as well.

Now and then I’ll leave her a slice of a chocolate orange or other chocolate I may have for her. But not usually. I am not much on leaving food offerings. I do, in a way, leave offerings online through reblogs of images of her or just things that remind me of her. Those are mostly for me to remind myself of her presence, but they also serve as little gifts for her as well.

My Personal Associations:

Animals – wolves (black usually), horses (mostly black), crows, and ravens, also sometimes snakes

Elements – water and air, at times earth and fire, also darkness

Colors – red, black, purple

Crystals – garnet, onyx, obsidian, hematite, amethyst

Herbs – *shrug* don’t really think about it

Scents – same as herbs

Songs – “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant, Lacuna Coil songs

Tarot – Queen of Swords in most decks, sometimes the Queen of Cups

Appearance – wild hair either black, black with red streaks (usually braided), or all red in color; wearing a feathered cloak or cape; long dresses or warrior garb or sometimes a bit naked; large black feathered wings sometimes; violet or green eyes; my age up to ten years older than me in appearance; usually stern faced but not necessarily frowning


I have been working with her directly since around 2012. She more or less serves as my matron/patron deity. She tends to be the most adamant about continuing to work with me and ensuring I am protected. She’ll be there whenever I call her needing an extra bit of protection. She tends to get along well enough with other beings I work with, though some seem to annoy her greatly. She probably gets along best with Z, an angel of death.

That seems about all on her for now. May be a part two later.


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