Maya’s Monthly Tarot for April

Week 1 – King of Wands – He is a charismatic king, full of charm. He is irresistible and a source of inspiration. He is proud, fierce, unafraid, and confident. He does not balk at taking chances. – The first thing I thought of with this card is Lugh. I have been trying to get going on my path again and the Morrigan was like, “work with Lugh like I told you to a year ago.” Different little elements in the way the card looks just made me think about Lugh and how yesterday on the way to work she was starting to prod me to work with him again since I’ve been pestering her for direction. So this week I may be looking at starting that relationship up again.

Week 2 – Six of Cups “She wanders along the path until she comes to her destination.” There is a tea party with all the woodland spirits, faeries, dryads, nymphs, coming out to play. Even the Queen of the Faeries comes to join the little girl. It is a reminder of childhood innocence, good intentions, noble impulses, simple joys and pleasures. – The first line of the description for this card got me, again, as I have been trying to work on my personal spiritual path recently. This second week may be indicating that to come back to that path may involve working on that pixie side of myself that is full of childlike innocence and fun. And perhaps working with the Faerie realm of things too.

Week 3 – King of Pentacles – He is man, dragon, and tree all at once and the king of the material world. He is enterprising and multitalented. He has the golden touch to make any venture successful. He is reliable and adept, steady and supportive. He is an inspiration for success and is generous and willing to share with others. Take what he offers so new seeds will sprout and grow. – This is the most material world oriented card for this month. This week may be largely focused on mundane pursuits to keep me balanced. He also speaks of being multitalented and that may be heavily related to what this week of the month holds for me, bringing forth my own talents more.

Week 4 – II The High Priestess – She is wisdom and knowledge, learning, intuition, purity and virtue. The owl as holder to the key of mysteries. The pomegranate connected to the underworld and fertility. – This week of the month may relate heavily to spiritual pursuits and learning. The rest of the month seems to lead to this.

Overall Theme – Eight of Cups – She dives down deep into the dark vastness of the sea. It beckons one to follow, delving within for personal discovery and answers. It asks to turn away from the material to embrace the spiritual. Seek deep within to find the answers. – Definitely appears to be a rather spiritually focused month for me on my path. For one, it’s something I am trying to do anyway. And two, it may lead to the answers I am looking for on my path.


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