Deity Communication Spread: Lugh

Because The Morrigan has asked me to work with Lugh again I figured I would do a Deity Communication Spread with him to see what will come of things. The spread is from hellboundwitch on Tumblr.

Card 1 – Who is this deity? – King of Wands – Already associated this card with Lugh the other day, so it confirms that it is Lugh I will be working and communicating with here.

Card 2 – What will our relationship be like? – Two of Cups It is a connection, a union, a partnership. It is bringing opposites together and a potential for bonding. It is a relationship. As relationship grows it can become strong as a pillar of stability or weak and gradually forgotten – I think part of this card reflects how I sort of forgot to work with him before, but now is the time to reestablish a connection and partnership and work together to build a strong lasting relationship. And I hope to gods this doesn’t indicate romantic ties because that is often how I see this card. There is also a bit of that balancing of yin and yang here too. Maybe it will be one of balancing things.

Card 3 – What do they want from me? – XX JudgmentRelease and renewal, absolution, freshness of a new dawn, new start. Making a judgment or difficult decision. Reawakening the mysteries of birth and death. Voice of destiny summons you onward. Hearing the undeniable call and acting upon it. – Part of this seems to indicate and relate to my whole fresh start I have been working on right now. That as I work with him I’ll be able to get that renewal of my path more. Also, could relate to that heeding the call of destiny and finding my path in general.

Card 4 – How can I best make this happen? – Two of Wands – She is courage and authority. This card is an emblem for personal power, influence, authority, and courage. It is a call to be bold and inventive and to not shy away from doing what is necessary. – I need to have courage and take the steps necessary to make it happen. Not shy away like before.

Card 5 – What may get in my way? – Queen of Swords – She slices the way through lies and deception to the truth of the matter. She is an intelligent woman, loyal, witty, and humorous in her forthright way. She sees the world accurately. She is inner truth and purity. She may be cold and distant as well. – I at times associate this card with the Morrigan herself as I see her being very much a Queen of Swords type gal. But I don’t necessarily see her getting in the way since she was the one that wanted me to work with him in the first place. But maybe my own coldness and distance may get in the way of things. Maybe the negative traits of the Queen of Swords within me will deter our progress.

Card 6 – Ultimate outcome of the relationship – Nine of Swords – He suffers and is in anguish. He is marked with regrets and tormented by inner fear, anxiety, guilt and uncertainty. He would be flying free with the stormcrows if only he would set aside those fears and doubts. – It may be a warning not to let what happen last year repeat itself again. That I need to be sure to maintain the relationship and not just let it drift and nothing happen. A reminder to make sure my fears, doubts, and uncertainties need to be set aside so the relationship can flourish and progress can finally be made again.

I pulled another card just to get maybe additional information and clarification about anything else I might need to know about working with Lugh and got VI The Lovers card. Not doing it. You ain’t my type dude. Although it is another card about partnerships and balancing opposites in general so just an encouragement to partner with him.


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