Maya’s Deity Dealings – Lugh

So recently the Morrígan has asked me to work with Lugh again. A year ago around this time she had introduced me to him to work with but nothing really progressed because, well, I didn’t really know what to do with him and other things came up. Well, with my recent pesterings of her, she has basically told me to work with him again so that I can get back on track with what I was supposed to be doing. So today’s Deity Dealings will be about Lugh.


*Again, I do not profess to know everything about these deities. I’m half lazy about it too. But here is the gist of who Lugh is.*

Lugh is an Irish god, hero, and king. His epithets are Lámhfhada (“long arm”) for his skill with a spear and sling, Ildánach (“skilled in many arts”) and Samhildánach (“equally skilled in many arts”), Lonnbeimnech (“fierce striker or “sword-shouter”), and the matronymic mac Ethlenn or Ethnenn (“son of Ehtliu or Ethniu”). His father was of the Tuatha dé Danann named Cian and his mother was the Fomorian daughter of Balor named Ethniu. Because of a prophecy that Balor would be killed by his grandson, he had Ethniu’s three sons killed, but Lugh survived and was raised by a Fir Bolg queen, Tailtiu.

He is also said to have been fostered by Manannan or Giobhniu who taught Lugh to fight among other skills. He made his way to the Tuatha dé Danann and asked to join them. He was turned away after each skill he offered; blacksmith, poet, bard, healer, craftsman, harpist, historian, champion, fighter, etc. being told the Tuatha dé Danann already had someone for each of those skills. Finally he asked if they had someone who was a master of all of them at the same time. He is then accepted into their court where he makes enough of an impression to be given command of the Tuatha dé Danann from Nuada to fight against the Fomorians oppressing them.

In the Battle of Magh Tuireadh, Lugh fights with the Tuatha dé Danann against the Fomorians and eventually fulfills the prophecy by killing his grandfather Balor. Lugh shoots a sling-stone through his grandfather’s evil eye and thus succeeds in defeating the Fomorians.

He is also the father of the Irish hero Cú Chulainn. Lugh is also said to be comparable to the Gaulish god Lugus, the Welsh god Lleu Llaw Gyffes, and the Roman god Mercury.

For more about Lugh:


Mary Jone’s Article

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Why and How I Began Working with Him:

Simply put, the Morrígan asked me to. She asked me to work with him a year ago after I did a little ritual thing to end one stage of my studies. I met him during the meditation in the ritual and I didn’t know who he was exactly. I asked if he was meant to be a patron of sorts and her response was “Hardly.” Mostly because that’s how she seems to be with others.

For whatever reason, I decided that to prove his appearance I would need the sign of a deer or stag to show up a few times. I saw tons of deer and stags on my dash the next week or so and then I also nearly killed one on my way to work one morning as a nice buck jumped out in front of my car that morning. So because of that you will see me associate him with deer.

At that point I was like, “Okay. I get it. You are here whoever you are.” Eventually did some divination readings and settled on it being Lugh rather than another deity. Though, honestly the divination may have come before the deer incident. But, anyway, I figured he was partially meant to be some sort of inspiration for me as I tend to be very much a jack-of-all-trades like he is.

As already stated though, I stopped or never really started working with him. I got distracted by other things and never really got back around to him. Until recently, which is why I am writing this. The Morrígan, annoyed with my pestering her, told me to work with him and basically pester him instead.

How I Work With Him Now:

Not sure yet. This is the first step. We are taking a plunge as it were. I’ll probably do some meditations with him and some divination to figure out exactly how to work with him and how it will help my path.

A better question will be how I might start working with him. I am considering learning a new skill (learning to play the harp actually which turned into talking to a friend about whether he could make one which may turn into me just learning some woodworking). I’m already a jack-of-all-trades with quite a few talents so I thought maybe adding to the list might be good. The other aspect of that is strengthening some of the ones I already have. Recent divination might suggest some form of partnership. Still things to think about.

Offerings and Shrines:

I don’t have much of anything yet. I think learning a new skill or working on old skills would be a good form of devotion and offering. I have done some eshrine reblogs for him with certain images I have seen. But I have no physical space for him yet or any other forms of devotional offering work yet. Again, learning a new skill might be one I will do.

My Personal Associations:

Animals – lynx, raven/crow, stags, lion, horse, hound, hawk/eagle

Elements – light, fire, and earth

Holidays – Lughnassah

Colors – white, gold, red, orange, yellow

Symbols – spear, sword, sling, harp

Nature – light, lightning, sun (even though he isn’t a god of the sun, it’s a symbol of light though)

Crystals – tigers eye, sunstone, citrine, other yellow stones, amber, more to come perhaps

Herbs – not sure

Scents – not sure, woody bright scents perhaps

Songs – “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” and more to come

Tarot – The Sun, King of Wands (especially in the Shadowscapes deck)

Appearance – He is fair skinned and fair haired. Golden blond hair to strawberry blond hair is typically how I see him. And despite being fair skinned its tanned and golden colored almost. Well-built and muscular. Jovial and rather light-hearted too. Much different from the Morrígan. Green eyes or grey.


This may change and grow as things progress with working with him. So far, he’s seems fairly patient as others have mentioned about him. He isn’t super pushy with him. He’s much more likely to make jokes than the Morrígan. He’ll likely make things fun.


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