Shrine Sprucing

So I wanted to do something in my altar/shrine space which is a flipping mess now honestly since I need to start working with Lugh loogie. My roommate Meritinpu and I went to our favorite New Age shop today and I was able to pick up more little candles for spells and such and then ones for his space. I also was able to pick up a couple other little things for Lugh. I got a small double-terminated Carnelian point and a flat Tiger Iron stone that says “Creativity.”

I had found a nice little “how to honor Lugh” type thing the other day which talked about setting up a shrine/altar space with things that represent your own talents and skills and sort of have him bless them. I figured I would give that a try then. Of course, I wanted to make sure there were things actually for him as well, hence getting the candles and stones.

And I couldn’t just set it up just for him. I had to include the Morrigan in there as well. I have a black candle for her along with some stones that can be associated to her, a crow statue, and a little prayer bracelet I made for her which I need to fix.

Some other regular items are still there on my altar like usual, like candles and crystals and crap. The items related to my skills and talents are the sketch book with the drawing I did of the Morrigan, a book of writing prompts and pens to go with it, thread (black for the Morrigan, yellow gold for Lugh, and red for me) and needle, knitting needles and yarn, my Reiki pendulum, my main Tarot deck, a little book of spells, and in general all the crystals too. Basically, I am including thread crafts, knitting, drawing, writing, tarot divination, magic and witchcraft, Reiki work, and crystal knowledge among my talents. I would include music and puzzles on there but I didn’t have anything small enough to be able to include there. Also, there is a chess board there under everything and the whole thing is on an old sewing machine.

Here is an image:

Featured image

It is quite crowded right now. I will likely clean it up later. I just wanted to get it set up and maybe do the rest of the whole blessing prayer dedication ritual thing later tonight.


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