Maya’s Weekly Tarot 4/6

What is the next step in my path this week?

XIX The Sun – Enlightenment, understanding, glory, achievement. Renewal of life, vitality, radiant joy and energy, good health. Being full of confidence and having clarity of vision and purpose. – This week may be continuing my work I already started last week with Lugh. He may not be a sun god, but this card can definitely represent him sometimes. It may be a week to focus on what makes me happy as well. Maybe continuing to boost my confidence and “boast” about my skills and talents at least to myself and Lugh and maybe on the blog. Even connecting to my monthly tarot reading for this week, which was the Six of Cups and about embracing that childlike innocence to things, the Sun reflects that idea of happy-go-lucky childlike attitudes.

What obstacles will get in my way?

X The Wheel of Fortune – The weaving of life’s threads of destiny coming together. Major turning point in the cycle. Everything is interconnected, everything comes and goes. – Something may be shifting this week, unexpectedly or maybe even little on the expected side. It may be a downward turn which could definitely distract from the glow of The Sun but it could also be an upward turn in an area unrelated to my path that can cause a general distraction as well. But everything is also connected, like the card suggests and may not be entirely unrelated to my path. There are just certain cards I get sometimes that want to signal something is going to happen this week, I just don’t know what or how it will turn the Wheel.

Advice in overcoming this obstacle to be successful this week?

Ten of Pentacles – She is a traditionalist, rooted in conventions and standards. Playing by the rules got her to this position. Her hard work and dedication has paid off. Enjoy the affluence you have attained as a result of long-term efforts coming to fruition. – I may need to play by the rules this week on my path. Make a steady dedication and hard work of what I have been doing and then I know everything will pay off and I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.


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