Devotional Magic Box?

I got a box today. I know I want to do something semi-devotional or witchy-related with it. I just don’t quite know what yet.

I am considering something related to Lugh, because, well, I’m supposed to be working with him. Also as this is a crafty venture it is even more related to Lugh than just because I am working with him.

I almost got wood burning tools while I was out today and picked up the box. But since I didn’t have a 40/50% off coupon I decided to hold off on purchasing the $30 tool. The box would be enough as I have paint I can use. If Lugh wanted me to learn a new craft, he’ll have to wait.

I might use it to place items that remind me of Lugh, the Morrigan, Mama and Papa, and any other deity I start working with more consistently. The box would probably act as a place to keep my altar space more neat but keeping their items in the box and what not.

I might use it as a little witch kit to go. I might want to find a handle for it though if I decide to do that, but maybe not. I could keep a variety of candles, crystals, incense (like those little matchbox incense things or even the mini ones), matches of course, maybe a selection of herbs, various power items, favorite oils, a small tarot deck and a pendulum, salt, alcohol for offerings, and whatever else I might decide.

Maybe it could act as a travel altar/shrine too for both devotional work and magic. It is a big enough box I could incorporate the essential magic items I need and keep items in it related to the deities and spirits I work with when I decide I need a moment to check in with them.

I also thought, sorta related to the general devotional box to deities, it could serve as a little prayer type box. But that seems an awful waste of a box. I could add the prayer, writing prayers to leave in the box or what have you, to the devotional box idea.

It, again, is a big enough box where I can easily allow it to do double duty of both a travel witch box and shrine/altar box. Whatever, I definitely decide to do and keep within the box can still be decided later, I guess. Now, it really comes down to planning the decoration.

Items Needed:

  • Wood box (obtained)
  • Paints (have)
  • Paintbrushes (have)
  • Felt for lining (have – red)
  • Wood burning tool (optional – $30)
  • Sandpaper
  • Decorative embellishments (optional)

I have most everything I need. I should check out what embellishments I might want to get and place on the box first before I start any decorating though. The sandpaper is needed too because it is a bit rough of a box.

Decorating Ideas:

  • Colors (not all colors to be used but ideas):
    • The Morrigan – black, red, white, purple, dark blue
    • Lugh – orange, yellow, brown, gold, red, green
    • Mother – green, brown, silver, black
    • Father – white, blue, purple, gold
    • Me – black, red, yellow, purple, blue (box has to represent me somehow too)
  • Ogham for Lugh and the Morrigan’s names
  • Special symbols (not all will be used necessarily):
    • Infinity
    • Lightning bolt, storm
    • Crow, Raven
    • Lynx
    • Tree of Life
    • Cho Ku Rei
    • Faery Star
    • Pentacle
    • Triquetra, Triskelion
    • Dove, Cross
    • Sun, Moon, Stars
    • Ankh
  • Elemental representation (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Spark, Void – with symbols perhaps?)
  • Chalk board (need paint) on inside of lid for spell, sigil, prayer, invocation, etc. writings
  • Felt for lining bottom of box
  • Celtic knotwork (because somehow this seems to be leading to more of a Celtic slant to my practice – but I also love making Celtic Knots)
  • Images of animal guides (but now I am thinking I can do a separate box for them sometime or incorporate an item that includes them in the box)
  • A fairy/pixie image (might be incorporated in with the Faery Star anyway :P)

So right now there are my ideas. This may change tomorrow or whenever I actually get around to working on my box (maybe tomorrow afternoon or Thursday). Once I get the decorating aspect done I will actually be able to decide what the box will be for and what I need to include inside it.

This new oomph to my practice has gotten me much more inclined toward more devotional related efforts rather than just being “oh I am working with _____” and not anything else. If that makes sense. I’ve never been one to consider myself a devotee of any deities, save Papa and Mama, but there is a side of me that has been interested and inclined to want to be more of a devotee and such. Those musings can be saved for another post though.


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