Dream Log 4.6

The Dream:

I am back at college again. Good ol’ SJC. It isn’t really my college though. It is my dream version of that place that I have visited many times over the years.

What has brought me back this time, though? The details are fuzzy enough now that I can’t quite say what lead up to things. But I know who is there with me.

She’s there, as arrogant as ever. Something is different about her too. She wants to be friends again. But I don’t trust her. I never do when these dreams happen and she shows up asking to be friends again. She isn’t as deceptively nice as she has been in past dreams. Perhaps it is more sincerity? But no. It is still there, the fishing for information. The snooping. The need to be in control.

I play along as much as I dare. I am at least polite toward her. There is something happening and I can’t just snub her like usual. I can’t punch her like I have in past dreams. I don’t know if it is a need to cooperate that prevents me or if I may have gotten over some of that.

The dreams shifts and I congratulate another old college friend on her boyfriend and how happy she looks in her Facebook posts. Someone is talking about something important while I talk to her. I should be listening, but I don’t like the person who is talking. He’s an arrogant, totalitarian leader. I don’t respond well to those people. I may get called out from my little cubby spot in the arena of people he is addressing, but I ignore him.

I see the map now. It circles a large area in the United States, places I’ve never been. Something is happening there, I gather. But I don’t know what. Certain cities pop to my attention, but I can’t remember them now.

I am running through a flat area and there is a woman ahead of me. She is trying to block my way. To where, I do not know. There are others behind her, friend or foe I don’t know either. I pull my energy forward and I feel the energy fluxing over by the street light that is near her. It builds and builds and I let the light explode and rain down electricity on her. But I can’t see it. I just know it’s there. She convulses in pain but I don’t know if it was enough to kill her or debilitate her.

The remaining details fade almost completely…the order of events unclear…

The Commentary:

Before bed I finished up a post over on my other WordPress that made reference to the “Her” in my dream. So, that was likely prominent in my mind as I fell asleep last night. She occasionally shows up in my dreams now and then. My old friend from college. In some of my past dreams with her, she is trying to find out what I am doing, fishing for information. She is usually attempting to act like friends but does a poor job pretending to be sincere. I still have unresolved issues with her – whether that be general forgiveness or just letting go or whatever other issue it could be indicating. Something shadow work may help with honestly.

I don’t particularly know who the man was I was supposed to be listening to. I know I didn’t respect him much. He wasn’t particularly nice. I don’t even know what was being discussed, but part of it seemed to be about the “proper way to act and do things” that annoys me more than anything else.

The map was of particular interest in my dream. It stuck out. I saw the circle of cities in the region but none of them were familiar because I have never been to that particular region of the country. Of course, I have been watching Supernatural again recently and the whole map thing is highly likely related to that too. Though, never know. I got the feeling something was happening there.

And of course, the part of the dream where I was using my ability. I remember being slightly annoyed I couldn’t actually see my electricity, but knowing and feeling that it was there was a fair accomplishment for me. And of course seeing its effects on another. I don’t know who the woman was. Maybe she had a vague relation to the woman from my Dream Log 3.22 or not, but they were both antagonistic in the dreams.

Anyway, thought it was interesting and that I would post it.


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