Storms and Deities

It stormed this morning, quite heavily for a couple hours and again this afternoon as I started writing this. I woke up to a large clap of thunder that had also startled my cat enough to cause him to jump up.

Storms have never bothered me. If anything they are a huge comfort to me, which is why I love the times of the year when thunderstorms are in season. Except when I have to drive during torrential downpours and thunderstorms – so not fun.

Lightning and I go hand in hand. I am an electricity element. When I work my energy, during astral trips or to work shields and what have you, it comes out as electricity. And it is not just a buzzing feel to my energy. My energy has always been this way in past lives and in this life. Even before it “turned on” during senior year. I mostly see that as a moment when it turned on for others to feel and where I received an extra boost.

So there should be no wonder why I love storms. There is also no wonder why I have a soft spot for deities associated with lightning like Zeus (who called me ‘Little Titan’ when I first met with him in a meditation) and Thor. Since I started working with Lugh and trying to learn more about him, I have come to find that he has an association with storms and lightning too. I’ve seen mentions that there is a saying about it:

“Lugh’s Long-Arm’s wind is flying in the air tonight.” Meaning, that when there is lightning and it thunders it is Lugh’s spear basically.

I have started working with Lugh during a time when storms are going to be starting up again. It storms just after I start working with him more. Not saying the storm is a sign from him or anything. But I thought it was an interesting coincidence and worth bringing up.

While he may not necessarily be a god of storms and lightning, Lugh does seem to have a connection to them in some way. So not only am I working with a deity associated with storms and lightning, but he’s also a jack-of-trades and a master of skills and patron of the arts. Seems rather fitting for me. No wonder the Morrigan insists that I work with him.


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