Weaving Some Devotional Magic

I had the urge the other night, after talking about the box I am going to be painting and decorating, to use the thread I laid out on my altar space and make a bracelet with them. You know the kind; the friendship bracelet kind.

While I was always decent at making them when I was younger (and even periodically as I got older), I only knew how to do some of the really simple knotted patterns like the side angle or arrow. I needed a pattern for something more complex like what I was looking for. I wanted something with a Celtic knot idea.

I found a site that would help. This site includes a ton of patterns for making friendship bracelets. It will let you know the difficulty and how many strands and colors to use. You can even narrow it down by your own parameters (e.g. three colors and only so many strands, etc.) so you aren’t looking through a thousand patterns. It even does a keyword search. You can check it out here.

So I found my pattern and I started working on it yesterday. Now, so far it looks good. It isn’t perfect, but I’m a little out of practice and now and then I do the knots wrong and it looks funky. But as long as it’s the right color I’m pretty happy. I did have to correct the pattern a little because it was not a perfect Celtic knot to begin with (I get really annoyed when patterns do that and miss the alternating above below of the lines).

I’ve included a couple pictures here. It isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to go ahead and post about it.

Colors – I used black for the Morrigan, red for me, and the yellow for Lugh. Though, the red can also triple for both the Morrigan and Lugh (because red is a harvest color for me). The black can also double for me as can the yellow. The colors represent power and magic, energy and vitality and sexuality, and happiness and joy.

For whatever reason, I like the idea of devotional items representing not just the deity or spirit one is working with but also the self as well. That everything you make or do for a deity you work with incorporates something very personal. I guess to incorporate the relationship you have with them. How you are changing and growing in the course of the relationship and work with them. And to remind you to honor yourself and the divine spark within you.

Purpose – In a way, this bracelet will serve as a little bit of a devotional item. It will be a reminder of the work with the Morrigan and Lugh. The fact that it is a craft project automatically links to Lugh. I have been wanting to be more crafty since working with Lugh and this is a good opportunity to do something simple (relatively simple) until I can get the rest of the supplies for my box.

Part of this bracelet can also serve some magic purposes too. It is knotwork. It utilizes threads and in that vein, thread and knot magic. Even with the symbol of the Celtic knot it can incorporate a magic purpose. The colors chosen bring in some of that magic too.

When finished, I’ll probably post again about the bracelet with the finished project and if I do anything specific ritual to dedicate it and whatever else. Right now, I wanted to show my progress with my new project.

  ^– This picture here is where I set it last night after deciding to set it aside for the night. (cleaned up the altar which I will probably show off later). Decided it should sit there with Lugh and the Morrigan so they can “bless” the progress I suppose.


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