Dream Log 4.12

The Dream:

We stood at the hill, the house, our fortress, behind us. We looked down at our former friends turned enemies, brainwashed into attacking us for some reason or another. They were gathered down in the valley just outside their own fortress. They were planning something, we knew.

They had been sick before, I remember. An illness taking hold and maybe that is what brainwashed them. We’d been immune, or had at least escaped the epidemic that swept across our home. But our friends weren’t so lucky. They came out of their sickness trying to remove us from existence and we had fled here.

What were they planning? All of them were gathered to the right of the valley. Then I saw it. The storm clouds gathering behind them and starting to sweep in. Clouds like the ones that came through before when everyone got sick.

I yelled at my people to run. To get back to the house and get as far underground as possible. Some were in shock as they looked down and say the way the storm moved. It wasn’t natural. It was conjured by someone.

I yelled at them again and pulled them in the direction of the house. It wouldn’t matter if our sentinels were inside with us, if they remained outside they wouldn’t be our sentinels anymore.

We poured into the building as I warned and shouted that everyone get as far underground as possible. We’d made the place capable of lasting nuclear fallouts with floors upon floors beneath the surface. All our people could live here, beneath the ground, safe from almost anything.

But they came. If the storm clouds had settled already or not, I wasn’t sure, but they came and started attempting to brainwash the rest of our people. I saw them touch several of my people and I could tell they were no longer mine.

They came to me and did the same thing to me before moving on, but it didn’t work. It never does in these dreams. Somehow I knew what to do then. I went to my comrades and touched them gently pushing some energy inside of them through my hands. Their heads cleared and they looked confused, before realizing what was going on around us and began to play along.

I went around to as many others as I could, pushing away whatever had them under control. I found him then. Their leader, I assume, and I place my hand on his shoulder and try to clear his mind, but it doesn’t work. Whatever is there is deeper than the rest. I cannot cure him.

He ignores me though and continues on his way through our compound. I find our leader instead, who by this point had been changed as well. I touch my hand to him and the clarity comes back to him. I say nothing to him verbally but leave a whispered thought with him to be careful of the man who is their leader.

I begin a search through the building as quickly as I can, getting as far ahead of their leader as I can. I am looking for something deep within our compound that I left there. Something important. I don’t know if it is a thing, an object, or if it is a person. I feel that I am being looked for now as well and I must hurry. The deeper I go the less people there are. I never find what I was looking for before I wake up.

The Commentary:

I don’t know actually. It was quite interesting to say the least. I don’t know what was going on exactly but I do recall being able to touch some of the people and heal them of their brainwashing or whatever it was that had them in control. And then there was the one guy who I couldn’t heal at all. At least not for the length of time I was in contact with him.

There was the random feeling I wasn’t quite all human either (which technically my soul is half-pixie but I mean something more than that too). I was something more. Something very powerful too. Something that if the other leader knew what I was and what I could do I would be caught and killed or worse.

And inevitably I am looking for something again. Probably a damn book. I am always looking for a lost ancient book in many of my dreams, so that is largely unsurprising. The being immune to brainwashing is typical in my dreams too. Not to be a special snowflake but that’s what my dreams do all the time.

I’ll leave this dream here then, and mull it over later some more. I have the oddest dreams sometimes. And I love it. 😀


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