Maya’s Weekly Tarot 4.13

Weekly Tarot 4.13

What is the next step on my path?

Ace of Wands – It is the possibility of creativity, excitement and adventure. It is a challenge to step forward with courage and confidence. A spark has been lit. It heralds a new beginning. – This card is heralding that there is a definite step I will be taking this week on my path. I have to take it with courage and confidence and use my creativity along the way. New ventures are underfoot.

What obstacles may get in the way?

Knight of Swords – He is the brave hero that rushes forward to defend his beliefs. He is blunt and direct which can be refreshing and tactless. He does not allow emotions to come between him and his purpose. He is fearless and thinks himself invincible. He has a domineering personality and he leads his followers on, stirring up a storm behind him that lifts him higher. – As an obstacle card it is warning me about that Knight of Swords side of my nature that has a tendency to ignore my emotions. He sees them as worthless and only get in the way, which is often how I see them. So it may be letting me know I have to make sure I don’t push aside emotions this week.

Advice on overcoming those obstacles

Nine of Pentacles – Her spiritual being is in communion with her material self. She uses music to find the balance between the material and spiritual worlds. It is material well-being and refinement, discipline in order to attain such, relying on oneself, and trusting in one’s own abilities. It is understanding and appreciating the wealth one already possesses. – She is all about the balance between material and spiritual life, something I am always working on. She encourages trusting in my abilities and in myself. If I do this, I will be able to appreciate what I have and be able to make those steps I need to make this week on my path.


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