Someone New This Way Comes

Yesterday afternoon, I did a short little meditation while laying at the end of my bed. I had been a little bored at the moment so flopping down there seemed like a good idea and then I figured why not say hello to the Morrígan and Lugh.

The Morrígan gave me one of her stern faces and told me it was about time to meet someone new. Since I stalled out last year on her task list of working with Lugh (I am a major procrastinator to say the least), I guess she is not going to give me much time between things now. Granted, I am still expected to continue working with Lugh and do what it is I am doing, but I guess the Morrígan needs me to meet with another deity for something.

She said it wouldn’t be right then as there were other things I needed to do yesterday that I didn’t quite have time to sit for an extended period attempting contact another deity. But she did agree, after I asked her and Lugh, to give me a sign that I was working along on the right path.

I always try to ask for signs of confirmation anymore. My little tools of discernment to know that the stuff I do in meditation, astral work, and whatever else I do, is really happening. I try to ask for things I don’t see commonly day to day as a Tumblr reblog or that is discussed in my day to day life so that it is even more evident that it is something.

I chose a pelican. But I conceded to saying seagulls would work too and in essence any birds associated with water. I really was only thinking about seagulls and pelicans but at one point on my drive with my roommate for groceries I saw two ducks playing in the water by the edge of the road and I started to sing-song “duck, duck, duck, duck!” To which roomie was probably quite confused. Later as we ate pizza I saw seagulls on the television. There were also swans and seagulls and other water fowl on my Tumblr dash later as well.

So I got my confirmation on how my path is going now. That makes me happy.

Then of course today, after my roommate and I did our weeding while I was working on the bracelet again and drinking a beer, I hear the Morrígan in my head telling me it is time to meet someone. I am pretty sure I grumbled at her and told her I was busy. There was another thought too that if I meet anyone else and they need me to work with them more like with Lugh or whatever my bracelet would be null and void. Well, she basically came back and said that the bracelet still represents what I am doing right now anyway and the whole creative side of things, or what have you. Basically, she said suck it up.

I sort of tried to sit there and listen to the Morrígan and Lugh and whoever the new one is, but I zoned out quickly. The knots on the bracelet get quite tedious and I lose my place easily if I am not paying full attention. I will likely be scolded later.

I still need to do my weekly tarot too and I have had two beers this evening. I will be out when I hit the pillow. Good luck to me figuring out this new one.


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