Meeting the Keeper of the Cauldron

Just before bed last night I did my Weekly Tarot and tried asking for an additional hint as to whom I would be meeting. The one card was Strength and the other was the Seven of Pentacles (I think). I didn’t really sit down to figure out what they meant or how they gave me a hint for this deity the Morrigan wanted me to meet, but I thought asking was a good start.

I put away my laptop and cards and turned out the lights and settled in with my Relax Melodies app playing and my cat snuggling in close. Sometimes, as I lay in bed I will try to talk to the spirits or deities I work with. Sometimes it’s Mother. Sometimes its the Morrigan. Sometimes it’s just my incorporeal soulmate, Gerarian that I talk to. Often, I fall asleep after relaxing myself and saying a brief hello. Other times, there is more of a conversation going before I roll over and pass out.

Last night was a little more than the usual pass out asleep immediately. I have learned to stop doing the full relaxation before hand and chakra balancing. I just jump into talking to them after a brief few deep breaths and centering.

I ask the Morrigan about who she wants me to meet. I ask if we were staying within the Celtic, and the Irish, pantheon of things and she nods. I start asking more questions but she scoffs and tells me to get moving and just watch and wait.

Somehow we are in a forested area sitting around a fire on some logs. There is a space in my head like this that I have visited in meditations before, but I didn’t intend on going here when I first started. I just ended up here.

Lugh is sitting here too and is rather amused and jovial. The Morrigan seems cranky and a bit sullen. Then I see the figure. I asked the Morrigan if it would be a female deity earlier and she had said yes, and as the figure draws closer I can see it is female. She has long, wavy deep-auburn hair and wears a dress. She is much more gentle in features and demeanor than the Morrigan is.

She comes close and takes a seat. The Morrigan grumbles a few things as I ask, or insist, in knowing who I am going to be working with. Is this going to be long term or short term? Why are things going quicker than they usually do(considering I only just started working with Lugh again)? The Morrigan rolls her eyes and complains that because I got side-tracked last year things probably will start going a little faster right now to get me back where I need to be. I, of course, bicker back at her that shit happened and it was difficult enough to deal with last year around this time that I had to put things on the back burner, and yes I know it was all me then and I could have jumped on the horse again at any time.

Lugh is laughing and patted the Morrigan hard on the back and tells her to settle down so I can sit with the new deity she has insisted I meet tonight. The Morrigan settles down and lets me turn my attention back to the amused goddess.

She says something, but I don’t remember what it is. She then asks for me to walk with her, so I stand and go with her. She mentions that the Morrigan is being the way she is because she doesn’t want me being more attached to her, this new goddess. I give her a look and she responds with stating that while the Morrigan is brusque and harsh, she worries that I may prefer a deity with a little more tact and gentleness.

I laugh at that. I don’t really think the Morrigan has anything to worry about with me choosing someone else over her as my main deity, considering she has been around so much in my life. The red haired goddess agrees.

I ask if this will be a long term working relationship or short-term. She merely says that it is up to me. I have been hearing this a lot lately. Other things are talked about along the way to wherever she is taking me. And the name Cerridwen keeps popping up in my head. It has been at least three times now. She nods and confirms the name.

Then I see her cauldron. I know enough about Cerridwen to know her associations with the cauldron and the bard Taliesin, but not a whole lot. She begins asking me questions about what I can do, my talents and skills. It really seems to relate to what I already have been doing with/for Lugh. I ramble on and tell her things I am good at. She asks what areas I want to improve upon and I list off and ramble things I know I could improve.

The discussion continues until I mumble off into sleep, listing off random skills and talents. I think I woke at one point a couple hours later and was still listing things in my head. Incoherent lists of talents or areas of improvement.

So today I proceeded to look up more about Cerridwen and got super annoyed when I realized she is Welsh and not Irish. But, all in all, she is still a Celtic deity so I will give that one to the Morrigan. I’ll probably do a post later about her more and I’ll do a deity communication spread to ask for other confirmation/discernment things to ensure that she is the one I met with, but for now I feel like I should mention the meditation I did last night. We’ll see where this goes.


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