Dream Log 4.15

The Dream:

I awake trembling, afraid. I shift to readjust and try to sleep again, but also I am trying to push the dream away. Declan, my cat, senses I am disturbed and comes in and snuggles close at my back. He begins to purr, comforting. The dream sits right there in the forefront of my mind and as I drift off again, I slip into the dream again.

The details of the beginning have faded. There was a scuffle of sorts and they have won. The demons. Not just one or two, but a whole crew. They all have bodies. I don’t often see them in a human form when I dream but I simply sense their presence of know they are there. This time was different. This time they have possession of bodies to fight back.

Their leader is quite powerful, an archdemon I assume and probably a level five. He directs them to areas in the room, the building, the world. We are now his prisoners and there is little to be done to change this situation this time around.

It is me and a man (I get the vague inkling that it is Isaac but perhaps not as things would be different in the dream if it had been) that are trapped here under the watchful eye of these demons. I am virtually defenseless. We can only plot and hope that we can make a suicide attempt to escape and take as many of them with us as possible.

Their leader has his back to us. We are behind in a caged area. Or are we free and he doesn’t worry enough to bother? I can’t seem to use my abilities anyway so it isn’t like he has anything to worry about from me at least.

Their leader sets a map down, or a set of his plans, down behind him, within my reach. I grab it and pull it to me, as quietly as possible and then hand it to my partner. We begin to plan, or attempt to plan. It is exactly what we need to know how to escape. It seems too easy.

I look at the archdemon and he is watching and nods. None of his demons are near us or him. They are all out of earshot.

“All I ask is that you kill me as well,” he says. I frown.

“And who exactly will be taking your place when you are dead?” I ask, knowing full well that a vacuum in the power hierarchy of Hell will often be filled by someone much worse than its previous holder.

He shrugs and says it doesn’t really matter. But it does. Names float through my dream. Are they his names? Or are they the names of demons who may take over his position? I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if I agree to his terms or not.

Later the dream shifts to me attempting to make a flight somewhere. I get delayed because somehow I have an internet history that has caused trouble. But they hold the plan as I joke around and talk with the security gal. It is so mundane and different than the dream with the demons. Oh, how my dreams can shift.

The Context:

There isn’t much context to give, but last night before bed, my roommate and several other followers on Tumblr did one of the ask games where you send in a word associated with a question and you answer it. It was one where it was “Ask me about my demons?” So that may have had some influence on my dream and the names I heard in my dream.

The Commentary:

I have strange dreams. I did wake up in the middle of the night from this one though and I was trembling. I don’t often wake trembling from dreams, but last night I did. It was a strange one to say the least. I’m glad my kitty realized I was disturbed and snuggled closer to me and started purring. He can be a sweetie. Though, honestly, in the morning it didn’t seem that disturbing anymore. Perhaps that even leading up to being captured and trying to figure out how to escape were more disturbing, but I can’t recall that part. 😛


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