Psychic Development Class

(Note: I meant to post this last night but I was a slow writer and go distracted easily. So I am posting today, but I am too lazy to change the tense and references to time.)

Now and then my roommate and I manage to make it to our psychic development class. Today was an unintentional stop in to class. This morning we had volunteered to help out with her work’s monthly volunteer opportunity and found ourselves done in plenty of time to head to class.

I love John’s classes quite a lot. Sometimes it seems more like my roommate and I do some teaching along with John with the new people that we get paired with. Other times we get to just do our thing and give and receive messages. He always pairs the class with a meditation beforehand where we can sit and talk to our guides or loved ones.

This meditation I sat and focused on speaking with Cerridwen since I have been working with her recently. The Morrigan was there as well, and I teased her about her attitude the other day. She just rolled her eyes and let me talk to Cerridwen.

Recently, Cerridwen and I have been working on something related to opening up my gifts and abilities more, among other things. I am not entirely sure what all it is as the process is still actually going on and won’t be done until later tonight. Anyway, we talked about that with the Morrigan there and they both made sure to open up my abilities a little more during the meditation before I had to head back to the real world.

The first lady I was paired with I was a little disappointed because at first I got nothing like I usually do. I didn’t hear anything come to mind or see any images or colors or anything else like I usually sense. I didn’t use my hands to feel her energy through her hands though, so I at first contributed it to that. The only thing I really got was something with apples, and more specifically crabapples, but I figured that had to do with the fact that my roommate and I were talking about them before class because of a little ritual/celebration tonight that we are doing.

However, the lady went ahead and gave me her reading that she saw a lot of water around me. She said she saw me on water skis actually and headed really fast to a ski jump. She saw excitement and that I was right where I am supposed to be and headed in the right direction. She also told me to enjoy the ride, basically.

At that point I tried again to give her a reading. This time it was strange. Again, instead of images or words, I got a feeling. My clairsentience is not the most developed. I sense very little that way unless it is through the hands and even then it is to feel the energy which then translates into the other information I get. That is why initially I was not paying attention to the information I probably got that way to begin with.

I felt energy around me in a different. It was centered closer to my feet and lower body, swirling around and around like a vortex of energy or a tornado, but not nearly as strong or crazy. I told her what I felt and began going with it. I told her I saw there was a beginning of more of an opening in her lower chakras and as I focused closer, the feeling was moving up my body, so I told her the process was continuing up and up. She was getting closer to opening up. The energy wasn’t chaotic and overwhelming, but gentle and calm. It was also warm, not hot or cold. And while there was a fan blowing on me what I felt was not the cool air it was pushing out not the one directional flow either.

She confirmed that her life had been very chaotic for her recently like a tornado. She had been asking her guides to slow things down for her. It seemed very likely that things were about to calm down for her. And when I told her about the warmth she told me I was sensing one of her guides.

It was good confirmation for me that I seemed to get something for her that made more sense than the random crabapple. I just wasn’t expecting to sense clairsentiently as, again, that is not my primary clair ability.

The second lady I was partnered with I got more from right away in a combination of ways. She, however, needed to hold my hands. I let her give me information first. She told me she saw me surrounded by a bunch of angels (which she later said is what she calls any spirit she senses and doesn’t really discriminate between the types of beings out there). One at least told her that I needed a hug, so she asked and I let her give me a couple big hugs. She felt like I didn’t get that enough and I needed it more. She said they were telling me I need to be told I’m special more and other things along those lines. Basically they wanted to ensure that I knew I was loved by them the sappy idiots.

When she was done I ended up telling her that I felt spikes coming from my arms in regards to her. I also heard the word Carolinas or a Caroline. She’s from my home state here as well so has no affiliation with the Carolinas, but I did ask if she was going on a trip soon. She said she was and was going to Atlanta soon. I preceded to tell her I also saw the ocean and the beach. In particular I saw feet in the sand with the water washing up over the feet. That in turn had made me think of sea urchins with the spikes. I felt like she was closing herself off sometimes, for good or ill, I wasn’t sure. Then the sand and water made me think of her need to meld her water and earth energies together more. I then asked her what her sign was and she is a Capricorn, which while being an earth sign is also shown as a “goat-fish” creature, which to me can be quite a blending of the water and earth elements, though not entirely. I just felt for her she needed to bring forth her love of nature and whatever else with her water tendencies. At that point we got on a discussion about her job as a nurse and how she often has to shut herself off from others so she isn’t always dealing with their crap but she also has to let some amount in to help treat.

That reading provided more information which seemed to give a more in depth reading, but I think the first reading also yielded some good results. While I have been going to the class for the past few years now I still keep learning new things and I am continuing developing the way I receive and give psychic information. Some days it can be quite surprising.


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