Maya’s Weekly Tarot 4.20

(Note: This was done on mobile so stuff isn’t as in depth and rambling as I often am when I work on a computer.)

What is the next step in my path this week?

VII The Chariot – triumph over obstacles, focusing intent and will, maintaining discipline, control being exercised in an ever changing environment – It may be time to focus on my goals this week and maintain some discipline for myself.

What obstacles may get in my way this week?

Ace of Swords – something is beginning, double-edged sword welding truth and justice but also rage and force, which way will the axe swing – This week’s obstacle may involve dealing with a double-edged sword in my life.

Advice in overcoming obstacles?

King of Pentacles – he is the king of the material world, golden touch, strength and stability, generosity – I may need to balance some more of my material world practice this week to balance out the double-edged sword that is swinging in. This may help in maintaining discipline in my practice.


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