Knot-Work Devotion Bracelet

I finally finished my “friendship” bracelet I started a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures for you.


I’m going to leave it on my altar tonight and relight some of my candles for Lugh and the Morrigan to charge it fully and everything. May say some words, may not.

I had extra thread left over so I used that to make two more braided strands. One I tied on my kitty as an extra collar. The other I thought about using a s sort of witches ladder but I don’t entirely know what to knot into it right now so I decided to use it to replace the chain on my onyx point pendant since the chain is a little wonky.

I enjoy this kind of work with my hands, like knot-work, needlepoint, and knitting. It can be very therapeutic and all. I often start humming while I and doing it, little inconsequential tunes. I don’t know what the the songs are I hum or if they help with the process or add more magic to things, I just do it.

It is all actually quite fitting that I enjoy it. One of my psychic abilities relates to thread-work. I can sense energy through my fingertips. I sense the energy as if they were threads or strings that are there that I can pluck and the vibrations can give me information psychically. So, yeah. It is comforting to work with threads. 🙂


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