Laying Out the Cards: A Look at My Divination Collection

I decided to pull out all my divination things the other days because I had the urge to look through them and use something. I decided to lay them all out and take a picture of them instead of really doing any divination though. So here is a picture of all my divination supplies.

So from left to right: my black scrying magic mirror I made a few months back, a cherry quartz point that I got to act as a scrying crystal but don’t really use as such but I figured I’d still put it here, a smooth piece of flat rainbow obsidian for scrying, lapis runes, silver and gold painted clay witches’ runes, a pendulum cloth with two pendulums (quartz and labradorite), a dark labradorite crystal sphere for scrying and  mostly focused on past life scrying, a small onyx/mother of pearl pendant to scry with as well (I have a lot of scrying related things but I don’t often do it >.<), Magical Times empowerment oracle cards, Wisdom of Hidden Realms oracle cards, Magical Unicorns oracle cards, Magical Messages from Fairy oracle cards, Voices of the Saints oracle cards, Heart of Faerie oracle, Goddess Inspiration oracle cards, Crystal Wisdom oracle, Medicine Cards, Cup of Destiny tea leaf reading cup, Robin Wood tarot, Shadowscapes tarot, Deviant Moon tarot, Legacy of the Divine tarot, Revelations tarot, two generic learning tarot decks (one big and one little), and my Lenormand deck.

I only have seven tarot decks, so that isn’t too bad. The primary deck there that I use is Shadowscapes for my own personal readings but whenever I do readings for others I usually use the Revelations tarot because it has double images for reversed and upright meanings which makes things much easier to read. My oldest deck is in the blue knitted bag with the flap. It is quite large and difficult to shuffle but it was my first deck.

Oh no! I just realized I left a deck out. I have eight decks. One is a really tiny miniature deck of dragons. I have that in another bag to take around since it is so small and easy to carry.

I have a lot more oracle decks it seems than tarot. The Voices of the Saints is another deck I have had for quite a long time. Being raised Catholic and having gone to a Catholic college I figured having the saint cards would be a good addition to my collection.

I also have one other pendulum that is for Reiki work and another set of painted stone runes I made, but I did not include them since I had the lapis runes instead. My Reiki pendulum is just for doing work related to healing instead of general divination so that is why I didn’t include that here.

Anyway. Since I took the picture I figured I would show off my collection.

There are still quite a few Tarot decks and oracle cards I would love to get my hands on, but I think I have a pretty solid collection already.


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