Making a Fairy Door

For Mother’s Day I decided to make my mom a Fairy Door. She mentions it here and there so I thought this year would be a good time to make one for her.

I wanted to do this as a process post so anyone who comes across this can make one themselves if they wanted to. So here it goes.

Items Needed:

  • paint (whatever colors you want to paint the door)
  • paintbrushes (I used a few different ones)
  • the door (this can be bought at Michael’s like the one I have or made from clay or cardboard in the shape you want)
  • white gesso (optional – the door I bough was really smooth and I wasn’t sure how well the paint would stick on its own so I used the gesso first)
  • glitter (optional)
  • decorative items (e.g. scrapbooking materials like brads or other things. For mine I found butterfly shaped brads, a round button shaped set of brads, glittery gold swirl brads, and scrapbook stickies for the corner of pictures.)
  • hot glue or superglue
  • scissors

Step 1:

  • Lay out newspaper to protect your work surface.
  • Paint a layer of gesso on all sides of the door. (This is optional. I did it because I wanted to make sure the paint would stick.)

  Step 2:

  • Paint any desired sigils on the back of the door, if desired. I used a Faery/Elven Star here because I wanted to make sure it invited fairies and nice fairy creatures through it. I used black and green as seen in the next two pictures since black is protective and green is often for prosperity, luck, and heavily associated with fairies.


(sorry this second picture was blurry)

Step 3:

  • Paint the door a base color. I used black here because I wanted to do a little dry brushing effect to see the “grain” under the final color.
  • Paint it a few times and make sure it dries between or you may get weird patches of less paint.
  • I then added a bit of glitter (aka pixie dust) to be more inviting to pixies, fae, and other fairy creatures.

  • Do the same to the front side as well.

  Step 4:

  • Now paint the top color. I chose red here because I love red, my parents front door is red, and it is also associated to the fairy kingdom to me.
  • I used a second dry brush to take away some of the excess paint to give it a grain look like you would see in real wood.
  • I also had another smaller brush to get in those crevices on the front of the door.
  • Then I added more glitter to the front, this time not covering in more paint. Be sure to add this while the paint is still a bit wet.

Step 5:

  • Place your decorative items around the door in the way you like. You can place them before the final coat of paint if you wish but I wanted mine to stick out in their actual color.
  • I placed the corner pieces first and used hot glue to get them to stick better. Super glue could probably work too, I just had hot glue on hand.

  • I then placed my other decorative stickies with hot glue.

  • Then I placed short lines of hot glue and placed the swirl brads into place. (With the brads, be sure to cut off the metal bits with scissors or bending before you place them to they lay flat and don’t have parts sticking out.) If you do too much hot glue along the edge it will dry before you place all the pieces, so a little at a time is best.
  • I place a round shaped brad for the door but left the other parts there because it gave the effect of a full handle rather than just a round thing. Plus it allowed the handle to stick out like an actual door knob.
  • Finally I placed the butterfly brads. Some I removed the extra metal and some I left the extra bits on. This gives it more of the effect of them flying around rather than just sitting there.

 Here is the finished piece. ^^^^

You might also consider using another paint or varnish to seal the paint more so that if it is used outdoors it won’t get yucky after the first rain. I figured this one to be more of an indoor one so I didn’t do that (plus I didn’t have any varnish to do it either).

So there is my very crappy, rough tutorial on how I made my fairy door. I should also mention while making it, or afterwards, to call any fae, pixies, elves, and other fairy creatures to come and bless it too so that it works and only invites the helpful variety in. If you know some it helps, but if not, leaving little offerings may help as well.

Hopefully my mom will like it. Still a few more weeks until I can give it to her. 😛


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