Maya’s Weekly Tarot (In the Car) 4.27

I forgot to do this last night so I did it when I got to work in my car. Took the picture in my car as well so you can see a lovely picture of my weekly tarot.

What is the next step in my path this week?

Three of Swords – Grief and heartbreak. Feelings of loneliness, separation, and isolation. Overcome pain. The weeping heart is a necessary cleansing. Let the torment drain away and be purified by it. – It almost looks like I may need to take a moment and do some shadow work this week and focus on some cleansing of my emotions.

What obstacles/challenges will there be?

Ace of Swords – It is the double-edged sword that can be wielded for truth and justice or for raw strength and rage. Something is about to begin that will force the blade to slice one way or the other. – There are two sides to this situation that can turn out fine or not so much. I just have to be careful of which way the blade swings this week.

What advice is there to overcome this obstacle?

Six of Wands – It symbolizes victory and triumph. One has prevailed and overcome their obstacles to come out on top. Beware of falling prey to hubris and becoming lost in self-importance. – I almost feel like this is indicating that regardless of the way the blade swings it still will be a triumph, except in the case of letting ego rule me. I need to make sure I keep that in check this week.


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