Dream Log 4.30

The Context:

I’ll keep the context short here. I have been watching a lot of the TV show Heroes on Netflix right before bed recently.

The Dream:

Because this dream is more vague than usual at this point I am just going to mention some of the key things.

At one point, I was getting ready for something at a large mansion sort of house. I don’t know what I was getting ready for but I remember needing to look presentable and I choose to where all black, but I had trouble locating the right pieces of clothing.

There were animals, cats and dogs, in a room there. One kitten was a bit crippled but she was running around a lot. Eventually they were all laying down in a big cat/dog snuggle pile.

 Then there was the drink and her and him and some other force. There may have been debate on who would take the drink, the poison. They (the guy and gal) were it and I let them drink it. But when they were gone, I took the remaining poison as well.

At that point I remember being more sluggish like the poison was acting in my system to slow me down but not necessarily kill me. I wanted that to happen though and knew it would come. The other force was meant to do the killing. I don’t know if it was just Death or something evil, but it had needed some sort of sacrifice.

Chaos broke loose after that. I searched through the people to find the guy and woman who took the rest of the drought. Mostly I was looking for her. I knew something went wrong and I had to fix something. Even if I wanted to die before I couldn’t now. I had to fix whatever happened.

The Commentary:

The feeling of the dream sticks more than the actual details. I don’t know if anything got resolved in the dream or not. That was the little bit I remembered. The drink with the poison especially and them being gone and I drank the rest.

The woman was familiar. Someone I knew from this life. My old girlfriend, I think. I also remember seeing an old friend from high school that I never speak to anymore. I don’t know who the guy was or the other force in the dream. The other force eventually had a form towards the end but the details were so vague I didn’t write them down. The guy was at least a little familiar but not enough to point out who from my life he is.

Someone, the guy (?), may have been mad with me for taking the poison too. There are these vague impressions from the dream that pop up as I type and I think I remember now someone realizing I took the poison and being upset with me. But I didn’t care. Not until the end when I knew I had to do something to fix things.

A dream to ponder.


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