Maya’s Monthly Tarot for June

Week 1 – XIX The Sun – The sun shines, increasing pleasure and happiness in positive situations. It brings optimism and determination to challenging situations. This card is a gift. – At first I thought it was a bit contradictory to the week ahead spread I did, but at the same time I think it works with it. It is shining a light on things to increase my optimism and know that things will get done this week.

Week 2 – Seven of Cups – This is power of dreams and fantasies. They come out of nowhere and if we give them attention they will grow and inspire us to create or achieve great things. They can also paralyze us with fear. Be sure to allow the energy of the dream to be used productively rather than being controlled by it. – Either this week I will need to pay attention to my actual dreams or I need to take some time and focus on the things I want to push forward and create. This is also the week summer classes begin as well.

Week 3 – Seven of Pentacles – After working diligently on a project, it can be hard to wait to see the final results. We want instant gratification but this card shows another story. It is time to wait patiently. Everything that can be done has been done. When the time is right, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. – This week I may be finishing something that I can’t wait to get the results on, but I will have to wait. Whether related to the previous week’s card or not, this week I will have to have patience and wait for things to come to fruition.

Week 4 – Ace of Wands – This card heralds an opportunity, one that will require swift and decisive action. There is no time to think or weigh the pros and cons. It is an opportunity that will resonate with a deep passion and you will know that the time to act is now. – The end of June something new will be starting. That sounds promising. What will it be???

Overall Theme – Knight of Swords – This card represents someone driven and optimistic. He always seems so clear about his goals. He is intelligent and motivated by ideas and ideals rather than emotion. He knows what he wants and can determine how to achieve it. He is single-minded and can forget to consider the feelings and needs of others. – This month all the cards seem to reflect in this Knight. That this month everything will happen in the way this Knight would prefer things to be handled (or as a reminder to try to handle them his way). The Sun is optimistic and determined, the Seven of Cups is a reminder to use dreams as motivation and inspiration, the Seven of Pentacles reminds to have patience to reap what has been sown, and the Ace of Wands promises a new opportunity that must be met with decisive action.


Weekly Tarot 6.1

I need to do a Month Ahead spread as well today. Just realized. Anyway. Got a new deck and decided to try it out for this week’s tarot. It is the Tarot of the Hidden Realms. Very beautiful imagery. ^_^

What, if anything, do I need to continue from last week?

Three of Swords – Sorrow and pain are a part of life. Acknowledging, processing, etc. are all things that we must do to move forward but this card is about the obsession. Thinking over and over the issue is part of the problem, there is no move forward. – This card is a reminder to NOT bring forward that obsession over the pains of the past because that will not help me any.

What is the next step in my path this week?

Ten of Cups Life is full of moments of love and connection. Some will be fleeting and others will stand the test of time.  Both experiences are needed for a full existence and this card is a promise of such experiences. This card brings wisdom and experience of the ability to nurture such relationships in your life. It is a time to create ties and celebrate them. – This card made me think about my plans to work on devoting myself to the Morrigan. Becoming a devotee would create deeper connection and celebrate it as well. So this may be the week I need to do that.

Clarify this step.

Six of Cups – Memories are funny, sometimes dangerous things. The six reminds us to think about the past, assess it, and come to terms with it but with compassion. The way you think about the past affects your present and your future. – This made me think about the first card and how obsessions over the past make it more difficult to move forward. But also, in relationship to the step, I am getting the idea that it means I need to do a little look to where I have been so that I can continue moving forward on this path of mine. I need to assess and come to terms with the past (not obsess) and then I can continue to make and celebrate connections.

What obstacles may get in the way this week?

XVII The Star – This card promises aid and relief. It is a card of hope and faith. The star will guide you in the darkness. – At first I didn’t know how to interpret this as an obstacle but the next card gave me more of a hint. Sometimes blind hope and faith, and too much optimism can get in the way of progress. Putting on the brave face every time and pushing away the emotions does not always help the situation.

Advice in overcoming obstacles?

Five of Cups – Everyone’s life is sprinkled with regrets, hurts, heartaches, and sorrows. With these challenges comes emotions and we often fear these very emotions. Let yourself feel the emotions you have been holding back and then you can experience the cleaning and healing release to be able to finally move past them. – Apparently I really need to work on this because it seems to come up almost every week recently. Or at least some variation of it. The only problem is, I don’t know what emotions I should be feeling and processing through. >.< I suppose as they come up I will figure that out.

Maya’s Weekly Tarot 5.25

My friend wore me out yesterday on our short girls’ day nature walk, so I was too pooped to do this last night. While today is quite a ways gone, it is a good time to do my weekly tarot. ^_^

What, if anything, do I need to continue working on from previous weeks regarding my path this week?

XXI The World – Satisfaction, peace of mind. Successful conclusion. Realized goal. – From this card I am taking it that nothing from last week needs to continued into this week (except the general). What I did last week was successful and I can move forward.

What is the next step I need to make on my path this week to progress?

Six of Pentacles – He represents the cycles of dependencies between the haves and have nots. The piper sees only his one-sided generosity and does not notice how the sapling supports him on his perch. It is the ouroboros, a self-sustaining cycle. – This week I may need to take a look at the cycle of what I support and what supports me. Everything has its cycles and this one asks who holds the power in sustaining this cycle. Also made me think briefly about plans to devote myself to the Morrigan and, yeah. Not quite sure where that thought was going to lead.

Clarify this step further.

Page of Wands – She is creative and passionate. She is witty, charismatic, and outspoken with her philosophy. She encourages action and doing, to act upon desires. – While I don’t typically associate the Morrigan with this card the part about “encourages action and doing” made me think about her, especially after the last card. She prefers action and doing over indecision, and my constant pestering about what she wants me to do. In relation to the last card, she may be encouraging me here to at least start taking the steps to devote myself.

What obstacle(s) may get in my way of making this step?

XIV Temperance – Harmony and equilibrium, balancing opposites, healing. Moderation of extremes, self-restraint, harnessing absolute forces, reining them in to be wielded with purpose. Holding opposites apart from one another denies their power of unity – The part that piqued my interest in how this would be a challenge is the keeping opposites apart. Sometimes I do keep things separate from one another rather than using them together (disassociating emotions from thoughts). And this kind of thing does no good in exploring whatever supports my development.

Advice on overcoming obstacle(s).

Ten of Swords – It represents misfortune, desolation, burdens to bear, ruin, the end of delusions. Circumstances have instigated a spiraling and uncontrolled plunge. Sometimes there is nothing to do but right it out and pick up the pieces when things finally come to a halt, and learn from the mishaps. – I can’t help but think that sometimes we need to go out of balance to achieve growth in something. It stimulates our moves forward. Also, I thought about the whole denying emotions type thing too and I may need to let that happen and while it may open a floodgate and throw my off balance, it will be beneficial in the long run.

Taking a Step to Actual Devotion?

Periodically, different ideas pop into my head about where my path could take me. What is it that I want out of my path? Where do I want to go with it? Do I want to go just a personal path as a solitary hedge witch? Or would a path as a psychic-medium be something for me? Or even take on a role in my path as priestess?

The Morrigan was insistent that if I wanted to pursue a path that incorporated more of a service to others like the mediumship path, I needed to accept her gifts she wanted me to have from my work with Cerridwen. Those gifts are a little difficult for me as much as I try working on them. I will get there, I am sure, but a lot of it involves dealing with my own emotions first.

Anyway, my mind has been sifting through what I want out of my path, because the Morrigan and even Mother has told me it is up to me to decide what to do with it. It is incredibly frustrating for me to hear that because I typically expect the deities I work with to tell me what is best for my path. Unfortunately, the Morrigan said recently that is the very reason I have to make the decision myself. I rely a little too much on others rather than myself to make those kind of decisions.

Blah blah blah. I get it Morrigan.

I have been asking her, though, how she wants me to work on and develop this ability that I don’t know how to use. She understands that and knows I need help developing it. Just because it is open for me doesn’t mean I automatically know how it works for me just yet. She has been offering suggestions and advice, but it isn’t necessarily her area of forte either. So, she suggested I talk with another.

This time it is the goddess Danu or Anu (Welsh Don). I had been thinking about her on and off since I began working with the Morrigan and various Celtic deities. Part of me was unsure of her being an actual mother goddess of the Tuatha de Danann or if she is simply a hypothetical one based on the name. Because of that, I have been hesitant in seeking her out. But the Morrigan suggested her and I talked with her in my car ride to and from my parents.

I asked her about the idea of being a priestess I did talk about the developing this ability thing too but our discussion mostly focused on the priestess thing and she asked of whom? Would it be for Mother and Father? Or the Morrigan? Or perhaps several deities? Hmm. Good question. Rather than do pursuing anything like that yet, she suggested I try something else first. Devote myself to the Morrigan. It isn’t something the Morrigan has ever asked of me, but something I think she might actually want. When I talked to her after that discussion with Danu, the Morrigan gave me the spiel that if she did ask I would likely ignore the request anyway.

I always think that I am not much of a “devotee” type person. I was never a good devoted Catholic so would I be a good devoted pagan/polytheist? I don’t mind saying I work with different deities. I don’t mind saying that the Morrigan is pretty much my patron goddess (yes patron as the gendered title matron doesn’t suit her). I don’t mind making somewhat more devotional related jewelry or artwork or whatever, but to devote myself to any deity seems a bit foreign to me.

The Morrigan seems okay with the idea, but still insists that is it my choice, that I don’t have to if I don’t actually want to. Danu says it will help lead me more on my path if I do so and will help me figure out whether a priestess related path would be somethings I want (not that being a devotee is the same thing it will just give me an idea). It can help me figure out what I need to do with my path in the long run as well.

Considering how long the Morrigan has been involved in my life and how long I have actually worked with her, I owe her something more than just my irreverent smart mouth and failure to “listen.” She’s like Navi with all the listens. This devoting myself to the Morrigan is actually something I may consider doing here soon. I will likely write about it when it does happen, but for now it seemed like something I needed to mention. I’ll probably do multiple divinations to see whether it is something I should pursue, but a part of me thinks it would be a good idea.

New Decks

When I went out to the New Age shop on Saturday I had been debating about getting a new deck for a while. My roommate found one that is actually quite gorgeous and I would love to have sometime myself, but I was looking for one that wasn’t Tarot or something that had built in interpretations for the cards. I wanted something that would be an intuitive based deck.

One of our psychic development classes several months back, John let us use a selection of three oracle decks with no words or phrases on them (like most oracle decks have). Two were fractal image based which I actually used then. I really liked those, despite my initial hesitancy of the trippy quality to the images but doing a more intuitive based reading off the image was actually really fun. It was quite a lot like our psychic art we do in class interpreting the paint smushings.

Anyway, I was debating between the two fractal decks, there they only had demos available to buy at the time. I can always go back and ask them to bring in a new selection of those two when I decide to buy them, but I decided on the third option. SoulCards 1 from my Weekly Tarot reading last night. My roommate has SoulCards 2 that she picked up at the used bookstore quite a while back herself.

SoulCards are really interesting. There are absolutely no set meanings to any of the cards. Each reading and each reader will honestly read each card differently depending on the situation. That is one reason they are quite intriguing. I am actually looking forward to using these more and getting them more broken in (they are quite slick and stiff right now and thus a little difficult to shuffle at the moment).

The other deck I picked up was a simple Steampunk themed Bicycle playing card deck. For one, the steampunk aspect reminded me of Gerarian as did the playing cards themselves. He is good at cards (mostly because he cheats somehow) so why not? I don’t get him much usually either so I thought this would be a nice little gift for him.

I will attempt to do readings with it, but I am not 100% sure how to read with playing cards yet. I am quite familiar with Tarot, but playing cards are a bit of a different system for me. I can’t tell yet if Gerarian likes them yet or not. He’s been a bit busy lately so he may not have realized I got them yet or else he has and has just been a dick with what cards pop out. Anyway, something new to try.

Maya’s Entity Dealings – Gerarian (Part 1)

Since I posted about my ridiculous jumble of emotions for Gerarian, or whatever that was, I figured maybe I should write a thing that talked about him some more. Something less about me and more about him. I don’t know. I got the inkling and thought it might be a good idea.

It’ll be sort of like the introductions I did for the Morrigan and Lugh. I guess I’ll call them entity dealings for now. The format will be similar but probably a little different. Continue reading