Dream Log 5.1

The Context and Commentary:

I’ve still been watching a lot of Heroes before bed and all throughout the day so that probably has some influence on my dreams. Last night I also tried programing myself to have lucid dreaming and really just to remember my dreams in the morning. It worked for the most part. When I first woke I remembered my dream. But then when I got up and went to take a shower, I almost lost one of my necklace pendants I wear all the time and the frustration of that sort of erased what I dreamed last night. One nice thing about dream energy is that it sticks around in my pillows though and sometimes I can lay back down on the pillow and pick up the dream again, or at least have the dream trigger in my memory again. Unfortunately, today really wasn’t one of those days apparently. I felt it was at least semi-necessary to mention that I had a dream that would have been remembered had I not gotten distracted by other things going on. :/


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