Dream Log 5.2

The Context:

Nothing unusual to report. Although, no Heroes last night before bed. Just more attempts to program my dreams.

The Dream:

I am back at my parents’ house. My cat, Declan, is with me but there is another cat as well. One that looks just like him. They are both quite fat. But the second one, a female maybe, seems evil. I am afraid to leave him alone with this other cat. She might kill him.

I get a call from a friend, and I have to leave to meet her. We are sitting together. Her, my roommate, her roommate, and me all chatting. I gave her a big hug when I first saw her. We don’t talk as much as we should and even dream us knows it.

She gets a call as we are chatting and it’s from someone we all know, someone we all used to be friends with, an ex. As she sits on the phone I can hear the other side of the conversation as well. My friend rolls her eyes and tells me that this happens all the time every time the ex calls. She’s always trying to convince her that something is coming, something bad is about to happen.

The dream shifted at that point, I had woken up and fallen back asleep. But now the details of the second dream have faded away.

The Commentary:

At least I remembered that part of the dream. I had been thinking about my friend the other day and about calling or texting her to see how she’s been. I’ve dreams with her before. Before we reconnected and afterwards. So not unusual. Probably should text her then.

And as for the demon cat, not unusual for me to dream of about evil animals. Used to do that a lot as a kid. 😛


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