Maya’s Monthly Tarot for May

Week 1

Six of Wands – Victory and triumph. Overcoming many obstacles to reach the top. Be careful of hubris. – This first week may be successful for me in getting stuff done for classes at the end of this semester. Crosses fingers. One can only hope.

Week 2

Six of Cups – Reminder of childhood innocence, good intentions, noble impulses, simple joys and pleasures. Urge to remember the open-mindedness of a child. – This second week is the beginning of a break and it may be beneficial to just take pleasure in some simple joys this week.

Week 3

King of Cups – He is wise and understanding. He knows the meaning of patience. He is calm and graceful. He is a protector with a compassionate hand. – Actually…I’m not really sure what this week will be like other than bringing in aspects of the King before the last week of the month where the Knight begins to come in.

Week 4

Knight of Wands – He indicates a change and progression toward goal. He is daring and passionate. He is on a journey for adventure. He is self-assured and confident. He is clever like the fox and courageous like the lion. He is the hero, but be wary of the temper. – This week may be a week of changes and adventure. I may make some definite progress in my path this week.

Overall Theme

Page of Swords – She embodies honesty and truthfulness. She is unafraid to scrutinize her believes and she looks at the balance between black and white without condemning. She knows the measure of her soul. She is unafraid of emotion but does not let emotions rule her decisions. Logic dominates. She is agile and analytical and lets that guide her sense of purpose. – This month I will likely be embodying the Page a lot into my life.


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