Maya’s Weekly Tarot 5.3

Oh. Just realized I need to do a Monthly spread too. o.O But for right now here is my weekly spread.

What is the next step in my path this week?

IV The Emperor – Creating order out of chaos, authority, leadership, law and order. – This week is about taking the reins of my path a little more. Being more of the authority, as it were, regarding it and maybe creating a little more order and routine again.

What challenges/obstacles may get in the way of this?

Two of Cups – Making a connection, a union, bringing together of opposites. – It may be a challenge this week to bring some things into balance and order this week regarding opposites, or else I may have difficulty making connections to others.

What advice is there for overcoming these obstacles?

XVII The Star – Regaining hope, faith in future, inspiration, tranquility, harmony. – I just have to have hope that things will happen the way they need to occur this week.

Sometimes I am lazy with my readings for myself, but eh.


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