Dream Log 5.5

The Context:

Oh wow. Several days in a row again where I actually have some sort of dream to remember to type up. Amazing! I got my cleansed and re-charged crystals back under my pillow last night and also decided to watch the first episode of the last season of Heroes before bed, so some of the usual.

The Dream:

It is dark, nighttime here. It has a spooky Halloweentown type of vibe to it. I am in a restaurant or cafe. There are large wood tables in the middle of the room and along the walls. The front of the place is lined with windows to see out. The ceilings are low with exposed beams. It has a medieval look that I am not sure if it matches the buildings outside or not.

Our crew is there. Quite a few friends and comrades. We are having a good time, despite the darker vibe around.

Then something happens. We are attacked perhaps? He is gone and another friend is dead. But rather than staying with my perspective my dream switches to a third person perspective and follow where he disappeared to. It is on the other side of the veil. He is with another man I know who is keeping him from us. There is a large group of them keeping him in line. He is not bound, but they’re are enough of them that he isn’t able to escape.

His eyes are blackened, like the demons that keep him there. The other man who is control of their group is trying to teach him, train him. But he won’t have it. He doesn’t want this. Then suddenly the other friend who died is there, a wisp of energy enough to distract the man/demon and his cronies.

He is able to escape and runs down the street, through the bodies of the people milling about. He is still on the other side of the veil. The dead man who helped him is there with him again and help to guide him back to the restaurant we were at. Our group is in chaos, but we can’t see that he is back yet.

The dream shifts to something less dark, but not entirely, nothing to important to remember…

The Commentary:

That was an interesting dream. I don’t usual pay attention to the veil type thing so I never see people walking through other people in dreams. The man in the dream looked like Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles and the other demon guy actually kind of looked like Crowley too. But I have not yet seen the season of Supernatural where Dean goes full demon because of the Mark of Cain. I just know a bit about it. And since I haven’t watched Supernatural in awhile I think it’s interesting that I had a dream with them in it, or at least people in my dream that my brain ended up using those guys as face-claims for my dream dudes. I don’t know, as usual. I just like the fact that I am currently remembering a bit more of my dreams again, even if they are short snippets to write out.


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