Dream Log 5.6 and Something Else

I wasn’t initially going to post about my dream last night since I started forgetting it, but things changed. There seemed to be something hidden there that related to another thing I was going to write instead. This dream isn’t too long to relate as most of what I dreamed did get forgotten, but here it is.

The Context:

Nothing unusual before bed. Watched Riddick with my roommate before heading to bed. Then I watched two episodes of Heroes in bed and then listened to my relaxation music to drift off. There may have been some brief chit chat with the Morrigan too, but yeah. That might have been earlier in the day.

The Dream:

It is dark out, nighttime but there is no moon or stars. I go inside this hut/cave/building where I am. It isn’t a definite cave, or house. It is just there in the middle of the beach with a wide entrance like a cave. I am with someone else, maybe two others, but definitely one to start.

We are looking for something, but I don’t know what. There are no real rooms in this cave-like building. I walk to the back and there are stairs. My partner goes up the steps to investigate there. It is dark here, but there is still a source of illumination that allows me to see around.

Something happens. Something is attacking from the outside and there is someone new there. My partner is still upstairs and this man is someone new and he is wanting to help. Or maybe he is my partner?

I noticed the walls. They are like opaque-black glass and there is now a crack in the wall. I run my hand across it. It is not a good sign, but this place hasn’t shattered completely yet.

The new guy hears something and runs outside. I follow. There is something there and he goes around the building to find it. He possibly fights it but I don’t recall as the details faded away. But I remember this point seeing out and noticing the shoreline and the water lapping up on the beach where we stand. He is standing with the water around his ankles.

There is another dream, but I recall little of that dream…

The Commentary:

I wish I could remember more of my dreams, particular when they have interesting aspects to them or they leave me in the morning with those feelings that I know that dream was damn interesting and I wish I could remember more. But I think I recall, either in the dream or upon waking or maybe just a thought passing as I wrote this, that it relates a bit to a discussion with the Morrigan recently maybe yesterday before bed or earlier in the day.

The Something Else, Decisions to be Made:

She got a little grumpy, annoyed with me again. That seems pretty normal right now as apparently I am being a nuisance and whatever. But this time it related more to the work I did with Cerridwen recently that sparked her scolding me. While there was a few days there where I let the heightened sensing actually happen, I shut it down pretty quickly as well. Granted, it is the end of the semester and I have to deal with mundane issues, so it is natural to shift my focus there rather than let all the metaphysical information flood in constantly.

The Morrigan, though, is not always satisfied with those kind of responses and because I sort of ignored my tarot pull from the week before about dealing with emotional things she thinks it is necessary to do something about that and this other thing. Not right away, but soon, as she does have some acceptance that I have to balance between mundane and everything else. I have a choice between this or that and once I make the choice the thing will be done or not.

What is the thing? Well, when Cerridwen and I did that initiation cauldron thingy, she gave me nine gifts relating to different things. One I figured already related to the ability to sense more with my abilities, a boost to my natural abilities as it were. The Morrigan confirmed that in our conversation as that being one of the gifts. One of the others was an opening to the others that I am not so naturally gifted with in this life. She seemed to relate that if it was something I could do in a past life it was enhanced but if it wasn’t something I used in past lives or this life it is a new one.

When I did my tune out recently, it was partially because there was a certain ability and scenarios I don’t necessarily want to deal with right now or so much in the future. However, the Morrigan wasn’t having that and insists that if I deny that one thing, it will deny the rest as well. So the choice is between letting it happen or losing it all.

Well, that is mostly an exaggeration and wasn’t stated in so many words. I just made that conclusion because it feels like one of those moments where I have that choice to accept things and push forward on this path, or say goodbye to this path. Not the path as a whole with everything that I do on the astral and everything, but the part where I have been considering pursuing a path that related to more of a psychic-mediumship priestess type path.

It always sounds silly when I try to articulate it, which is why I haven’t post about it. My path to this point has been divided between my astral-service work which I don’t talk about because of the nature of the thing and personal spiritual development where my craft, meditation, energy-work, psychic and intuition development work is centered. Very little of my path up to this point does any direct service for others except the occasional free tarot offerings.

Months ago, in a reading with a psychic at a nearby New Age shop, it was mentioned that I could do the thing just like she did. I could go through the training formally or not and do it just as well as she could, if not better. At that point I didn’t need to make the decision just yet, but things would come along my path that would help me make the decision when the choice officially presented itself and I would know what choice to make.

I don’t necessarily think this is that definite decision moment, but I think it is one of the moments that will direct me to whether I will make this more of my life than just for personal development. If I say yes now, it will help swing my final decision that direction later. If I say no, that will probably swing my decision the other way. If I say okay, let’s go with this, then it will make that aspect of my path much more easy in the future, more or less.

How does that shit relate to my dream? Well, I think it was a reminder that something will be occurring. “Here is a symbolic sneak peak at what you’ll get” type thing. The Morrigan hinted that when the decision is made she will make sure that things don’t shut down or tune out completely again. In effect, breaking down the walls or barriers (the crack in the wall in the cave) between me and the thing (the thing outside the cave?). Putting the metaphorical doorstop to keep the thing going and make sure I deal with the things that it will inevitably stir up in my personal development (water relating to emotions and stuff perhaps).

I don’t think usually much about the symbolic significance in dreams as some things come through very literally other times they are just weird. But this time, it seems there was something more symbolic and related to some things the Morrigan and I were discussing. It at least got me to talk about things more than before. 🙂 There is a step in the the right direction at least.


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