Dream Log 5.10

The Context:

While I hadn’t watched any shows in bed the few nights before I did watch a couple episodes of Heroes again last night. I also realized at 5 AM when I first woke up that I forgot to set the timer for my relaxation music so it was still playing until I reached over and shut it off. It has an isochronic sound feature now that was a “dream” setting to supposedly help with having dreams. I don’t know if it really helped me recall my dream last night or helped influence it at all but I think it is worth mentioning.

The Dream:

How it began entirely, I do not recall. I am with a woman asking me to hide beneath a pull out bed. It is awkward trying to climb back there and make it look normal, so I give up and say something about how this won’t help.

She seems to understand and agree. I open a door and walk through it and she comes along.

An exorcism is supposed to be taking place. On whom, I don’t know. I don’t see them. All I know is that it fails and the main exorcist (the woman or her male partner or both?) are no longer in the picture. I don’t know if they are killed or not. I just know that the demon is still there.

Rather than kill me as well, it brings me along. I don’t know why, as I the knowledge to exorcise it away just like the people I was with. I try to do so, but I am prevented from it somehow.

I feel we are moving, perhaps on a train. The demon has plenty of compatriots around him and I am under close watch. Some of them, including him, are drinking because their possessed bodies need it. I have a small amount of holy water on my person and attempt to poor a little in his glass, weaken him for a moment at least. But he catches on, and does not drink from the glass after he saw me wave my hand over it.

Someone else may be a prisoner there now. I try to convince them to help me. Distract or something while I begin saying the prayers or whatever my plan really is. They do, but it doesn’t matter, and I am prevented from finishing my task anyway. The rosary I had pulled out gets tossed from my grasp.

Either I am let go, or escape, or the dream shifts, but I find myself running through a grocery store. There are quite a few people around and I am still trying to avoid and hide from them. I remember being in the wine and alcohol section for an extended period of time.

I don’t remember if I am caught again or if a new dream takes over or if I wake up then. The details have faded away.

The Commentary:

I seem to have a lot of dreams lately with demons. I sometimes understand why that is the case, but other times it is an annoyance. This one was fairly interesting though. Dreams where I am captured go one of two ways, I am very interested and intrigued by it or it disturbs me to no end. I probably should be more disturbed by this one, but I’m not. 😛


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