Shufflemancy with the Morrigan

I have been grading for the past hour, I guess. It seemed like it was longer. But I needed a break and just before that, the Morrigan’s shufflemancy trigger song, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant came on. I don’t always pay attention but this time I did and it seemed perfect timing since I am now taking a break from grading.

The next song was “Again” by Flyleaf:

^ I just learned how to do that

Honestly, it is a bit odd of a message from the Morrigan. She doesn’t often pick songs like that. She doesn’t typically say, “I love you.” And I don’t usually associate that song with me. I am not that much of a take on all the weight of the world type people… Well, I say that…but I don’t know…maybe sometimes I am…

The “believe again” thing, yeah, maybe a bit more related to things for me right now as I have a tendency to have those moments about things where I give up just a little bit. Also, the idea of the “only surrender will help you now” reminds me about this whole choice thing again so maybe that is what she is trying to tell me.

Who knows from her. I may meditate or ask her later about it. Right now I need to finish grading.


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