Dream Log 5.13 sorta…

I had a few really vivid dreams over the last few days. Unfortunately, I haven’t remembered them after an hour after getting up and getting my coffee. 😦

But I have been listening to this really nice relaxing tone thing on my phone that has additional isochronic tones. I have been using the relaxation one and the dreams one. Since I started using the dream isochronic tone my dreams have been jammed packed and super vivid. I suppose the tone could also help with astral travel too, so I may just have to try that sometime as well.

Anyway. I felt it worth the mention that the app Relax Melodies is pretty nice. I like using it for meditation and to fall asleep. It seems to be helping with creating some very vivid dreams lately, even if I haven’t been able to recall them enough to write about them after I get up.


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