Dream Log 5.14

I am on mobile so we’ll see how this works.

The Context:

The usual with my tones.

The Dream:

Among the other more interesting dreams, this one lasted longer since it was the before waking.

I came into the room, the office it seemed. Something was going wrong. There had been a breach of security and it had to be an inside job. My stomach sank because I knew what I had done.

The boss asked for a volunteer to go with her and assist while the other two in the office stayed behind. I choose to remain behind. I gave my security pass to the volunteer because they had left theirs at home that day. And then they were gone.

I was stuck in the little box office with small desks and someone who just kept rambling away. I would take off if I could but there was a lockdown. Then I saw them herding in the “kids” because they weren’t allowed to leave either.

Some of them came into our office, our cube really. To hide? To wait it out? And all I kept thinking is that I would probably get caught.

The Commentary:

I really don’t know what that dream was about. :/ Maybe if I remembered the bits before it I would have had a better idea of what was going on. I did something I just don’t know what. *shrug* I am always doing weird, unexplainable things in my dreams whether it’s just a dream or related to astral shit. 😛


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