Dream Log 5.17

The Context:

Friday night I went to watch my brother-in-law’s band play (it got rained out). I have been wanting to see them in a while. There is also another band I really want to see and they are touring nearby at the moment, but it probably won’t be possible to see them.

Last night we hung out with friends and chatted and at least one past life decided to make her presence known and front for a bit. But two nights in a row I had something to drink.

Also, yesterday was Psychic Development class and a new Crystal Meditation class that my roommate and I went to. We meditated on amethyst which is often associated with dreaming and dream-work and all that stuff. The meditation was kind of intense for me, I think, with the energy of the amethyst, but that may have affected my dreams.

And, as has been usual, I was listening to my tones last night at bed.

The Dream:

I am headed somewhere with a large group of people. We are at an airport. Someone in our group hands me his bag so she can go do something real quick, but I don’t see him again.

My parents are there and I am talking to them. Then I realize that there is a surprise concert back in another area. My friend records a short video clip for me but I have to cut off my conversation from my parents and they are not making it difficult. Finally I get there and I get the chance to see him perform and play briefly. My niece is on stage for some reason and he gives her a big hug.

The dream shifts after my cat wakes me the first time…

I’m riding a creature I can’t identify (a fox? a wolf? a unicorn or horse?). It is fast and whips me around this small wooded area. I see the two deer but whatever my mount is it doesn’t go after it. Then we are inside, a living room apartment type area.

There is someone else here. She seems like me, but not. And there is another creature here that along with the one I was riding begin to shift forms. They try to head upstairs but I try to keep them down stairs and out of trouble. Upstairs there are issues.

Up there, something is being plotted and planned. I see more of the players up there and we discuss what is going to happen. I can see a field of people, perhaps from an overlook on the roof or maybe a vision of sorts. There are politics at play and I hate politics. I remember thinking in the, why do some of my dreams turn out like some reference to The Game of Thrones, and I have never even seen the show or read the books.

The Commentary:

I ended up remembering a little less than I thought I did…

Part of me relates the band thing to having gone and seen a band play recently. Another part of me relates it to the band I really want to go and see. And, probably the biggest, part of me relates it to wanting to see my soulmate Gerarian perform in from of others. It was him too, on stage in my dream. I see the whole failing to be able to get there in time to see the whole performance kind of related to the whole, he’s only on the metaphysical/astral so I won’t be able to see him on the physical like that anyway. But I did get there and could see him and even see how he was super excited about my niece being up on stage. I could see how excited everyone was to watch him sing and perform at least in my dream, in the metaphysical, in the astral…

The other dream is more intriguing. I do distinctly thinking about the fact that somehow there seems to be a random vibe from my dream that reminds me of The Game of Thrones even though I haven’t seen or read it. I do see images of things from it all the time, so there is that. But yeah, not sure why I have had dreams like that. Nothing particular screams it this time either.

The woman who was me and yet not, was likely that remnant from when one of my past lives was a little more forward last night. Some of them like to see what is going on more or smoke hookah and such so it is not unusual for them every now and then to pop up while I am awake, but usual if I dream about them I dream of being them more than seeing them usually either me experiencing weird past life memories or they being in my body type thing.

Anyway, those are my brief thoughts on the whole thing.


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