Psychic Development Class and Crystal Meditations 5.16 and Musings on My Reading Style

(This may be a day for several posts)

Psychic Development:

Yesterday, my roommate and I went to our psychic development class. Thank goodness that Grant was not there. He finally moved apparently (he’s been in the process of moving for the past year so I can never be sure he’ll actually be gone).

We circled up again, and without Grant this would probably be okay, but we had five relative newbies in the class. It is always easier when John is out of the room because people are a little less nervous then.

There were a few messages given that class before the big circle and within in it. One new gal tapped into John’s niece stopping in to say hello. Since his mom wasn’t there like she usually is I would take that to mean he needed to tell her when he got home. But, anyway. A couple of the new gals who were family did a really decent job. The other three were still more hesitant and nervous.

We paired up after the large circle and I sat with the teenage girl that came with her mom and aunt. John let us use cards so she went out to get the Spirit Wheel (?) Meditation Deck to work with because she had it at home. I had my own cards and read for her.

While I didn’t get much of a message from her (other than a card mirroring the idea of delegating responsibilities relating to a bitch fest I had with my friends and roommate about our cancelled high school reunion due to poor planning and delegation), I tried to be encouraging and making things more comfortable for her. She was nervous and only a sophomore right now. I was able to give her a message about fostering her joy and happiness (The Sun card) and if she works hard and is focused (8 of Pentacles) then she’ll be able to reach her goals and get to go to the college of her choice in the Sunshine State.

The Musing Part:

I have been trying to do different things in this class to figure out what way is best for me to read. This time I tried to have my guides come forth more (during the circle) to help give a message and identify the source, but it didn’t work as well. Perhaps, it is due to not having worked with them much recently and I need to start working with them all again on a more consistent basis.

So far though, I have noticed when I use my hands to touch theirs (if they are okay with it), I can sometimes get more information to give them a better idea of what is going on. My palm chakras are quite open. It is where I sense my own energy the most, where I can project a great deal of energy as well. They were opened before I did Reiki and I think after that they became even more open. So if I am able to touch my hands to theirs I can generally pick up on a lot more.

I tend to work with colors in readings a lot. It is one of the first things I can see clearly in my mind’s eye. Sometimes words are there. And once I was able to just feel her energy around me to read it. But if I use my hands it is easier for me to get all of that information together rather than trying to just get information from thin air. It may be something I’ll need to do more often to get more consistent in my reading styles.

Crystal Meditation:

This was his first time doing this meditation and it was quite nice to have a change in some of his classes. This one was on Amethyst, one of my favorite crystals. It is really a great multiple purpose stone for me honestly.

He went over the basics of what the crystal is and is used for. We got in a discussion about how the energy works in general if it is a tumbled stone versus a point or a cluster or a raw stone. There was also mention of how to cleanse and everything.

We each got one of the dollar stones as well to sit with in meditation. John had brought a large amethyst cluster that state in the middle to increase the energy as well and then we sat down for the actual meditation.

For whatever reason, this time the energy of the amethyst was a little more intense than I am used to. It was nice while in meditation and not overpowering by any means, but afterwards I felt a little wonky for a while. Part of that was also because I think I needed to eat, but part of it I owe to the meditation. I didn’t ground myself well enough or eat soon enough to counteract how high the vibrations of the amethyst can be. But it was still a great experience. I seriously look forward to the other crystal meditations he’ll be doing.


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