Weekly Tarot 5.18

Switching up this week and I am going to do a slightly different variation of what I normally do for my weekly tarot. Mostly I am just adding additional cards to this spread. And as usual this is from Shadowscapes (may switch up in a week).

What, if anything, do I need to continue working on from previous weeks regarding my path this week?

XVIII The Moon – Fears and anxieties, believing illusions, experiencing distortion, chasing fantasy, dreams and visions. This is the card of the fey who are masters of illusion. The Moon is the realm of the Otherworlds beyond the known and comfortable. This card is a doorway to that realm that hides many gifts and dangers. – The dream mention perked my intuition here a bit because I have been trying to do more dream-work and dream recall. I also use my dreams for glimpses into my past lives and my work in the astral, so I am taking this as a sign to continue with that work.

What is the next step I need to make on my path this week to progress?

IX The Hermit – Being introspective, seeking solitude, withdrawing from the world, and giving or receiving guidance. He is the inspirational friend and teacher who is there to help illuminate the secrets of one’s own mind. He is secret hidden knowledge. – I may need to spend some more time meditating (as usual) and focusing inward this week. I need to pick up my journaling habit again as well. I have a lot of knowledge and information already tucked away inside my head and it is a matter of tapping into it. There may be someone waiting to work with me as well.

Clarify this step further.

Ace of Cups – The beginning ripples of something starting. The first stirrings of emotion, of compassion and love, of intimacy, and attunement. There I potential for something. The water in the cup is still like a mirror for scrying and it holds the secrets of intuition, understanding, and hidden knowledge. – Usually I don’t look at the intuitive and psychic aspect of this card, but something told me to do so this time and that actually seems to relate to the above card of the Hermit. Again, this may be a time to focus on the things I already know and pulling forth that knowledge more. And, maybe that involves someone that I am more intimately close with.

What obstacle(s) may get in my way of making this step?

Seven of Pentacles – The fruit is ripe but is it time to pluck them or not? It is a challenge to make the choice: to eat and enjoy the fruit or to leave them to flower and ripen further on the branch. It is time to reap what has been sown and to enjoy the fruits of labor. Appreciate the moment before a time of consideration for alternatives approach. – I can really sit on making choices sometimes. Do I do the thing or do I not do the thing? Do I use this journal for this or wait until another idea comes up? And so on. This vacillation between two (or more) choices can really slow down my progress.

Advice on overcoming obstacle(s).

Eight of Cups – She is the seeker of the seas beckoning to delve deeper and deeper within for personal discovery and answers. It is time to disengage from material world and focus on the spiritual. It is a time to let go. – This seems to work with the idea of the Hermit card as well who is about seeking solitude. To overcome the obstacles of me being unable to make a choice, I will need to turn away from petty distractions that do not serve my spiritual path. Probably not forever, but to make some progress this week it will be necessary to delve deeper within than seek answers from without.


And because I would like to try out a new deck for readings I am going to pull from Soul Cards 1 by Deborah Koff-Chapin as well.

Where am I at on my spiritual/magical journey and path? What is my current spiritual state?

 There is a spiraling down. She screams but rather than the sound echoing and projecting outward it only goes inward to her core. It is going down the rabbit hole. Looking into the depth of the eye, the window to the soul, the answers will be found.

It is echoing the messages of the Hermit and the Eight of Cups and even the The Moon and Ace of Cups in the Tarot reading. It is time for deep introspection this week in numerous areas that I am already versed in. This trip down the rabbit hole may be what is needed to come back up and project what I know with more confidence.


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