Maya’s Entity Dealings – Gerarian (Part 1)

Since I posted about my ridiculous jumble of emotions for Gerarian, or whatever that was, I figured maybe I should write a thing that talked about him some more. Something less about me and more about him. I don’t know. I got the inkling and thought it might be a good idea.

It’ll be sort of like the introductions I did for the Morrigan and Lugh. I guess I’ll call them entity dealings for now. The format will be similar but probably a little different.

General Information:

Name – Gerarian
Pseudo/Nick/Pet names – Gee or G, idiot, moron, jack-ass, dork, baby (usually he calls me this but I’ve called him it too), babe, his various names from other incarnations with Jareth being the top, Noah (temporary pseudonym I used for him once upon a time)
Entity type – Non-corporeal; past-life; Half-Fae, Half-Pixie
Age – somewhere in his 30s (between 34 and 38)
Birthday/Zodiac – November 22, Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
When originally lived – earlier than 40th century BCE before there were physical bodies
Family – two known soul half-siblings; three astral-children with me in this life and too many to count soul-children from past lives
Friends – The Scotsman, Loki, Gaeb
Other relationships (i.e. sexual) – Mel, Loki(sorta), Gaeb(sorta and only in the past)
General appearance – between 5’7” and 5’9”; dark brown or green eyes; black hair but frequently changes its color depending on the vibe he wants to give off (he’s a dork); fair complexion like many fae/pixie types; small nose; pointed ears; no wings (his fae half trumps his pixie half so he doesn’t have wings); sparkly and shimmery aura; I could also give his face claim but I won’t because…yeah. ;D
Talents – very talented with pixie dust, he can dial the strength of it real well; musician, singer, songwriter; persuasion ability; poker and other card games (because he knows how to cheat but no one can catch up so he still wins); card tricks; magnetic personality
Favorite colors – blue, black, and he wears a lot of red too
Favorite things – timepieces (pocket watches mostly); music, especially his own; me; children; talking; furries; sex; film noir; D&D; comics; random things; pancakes; steampunk; dogs; sunglasses; card playing; babysitting; guitar
Dislikes – me ignoring him; people being mean to me or hurting me; me ignoring him; his current sometimes; Bert McCracken; I’m sure other things too
Sleeping position – He sleeps to the right of me now since my bed is in the center of the wall and there is space on both sides of the bed, but if the bed is butted up against the wall he sleeps against the wall for some reason. He will often sleep on his back and I will snuggle into the crook of his arm and lay on his shoulder with one leg flopped over his legs or lower stomach (depending on how much I need the stretch I suppose) and my arm on his chest or sometimes tracing his nose. Other times I sleep on my left side and he’ll spoon up behind me.
Personality and traits – goofball; charismatic but a dork about it; talkative as fuck; he can talk his way out of a paper bag and also right back into it because he doesn’t know when to stop talking; bit of a trickster; random; “he’s like an union. There’s layers”; complex; love to hate; has dark broody moments but generally tends to be happy go-lucky; thinks he’s cooler than what he really is; rarely serious unless he knows something is going on; can get information from people without them realizing it; he has a heart of gold and I honestly have a hard time seeing him try to hurt anyone; he can be teasing; he is way smarter than he lets on most times which is how he can get information so easily; quirky; “disgusting but alluring”
Common behaviors and mannerisms – eyebrow waggling; running away when I’m mad at him; creeping from a distance; wearing sunglasses at night; flamboyant exaggerated hand motions; winking; a lot more I can’t necessarily think of at the moment
Misc. – He is frequently underestimated, by so many people, including me at times. He has been teased and made fun of by “friends” because he is a “mutt.” He was called an experiment gone wrong because he is a perfect 50/50 of pixie and fae qualities and none existed before him and because he was so “weird” that meant he was a failed experiment. To the contrary, he is perfect the way he is and way smarter and more intelligent than people give him credit for. He has a really good heart. And while his mouth can get him in trouble all the time, his heart is in the right place and he means well and usually wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless someone else hurt someone he loved first. He can layer multiple meanings into his songs and he is quite clever and witty with his lyrics too and people don’t often realize that. So, yeah, he has been underestimated a lot and that has been a great advantage of his over the years and lifetimes he’s had.

Our Children:

Back in 2012 he sort of made it known he really wanted kids. For a while before that I had realized I started wanting kids (I was one of those who insisted I hated kids but did end up realizing I wanted them later on), but around the time he asked I was hesitant again. It was already difficult enough not being able to physically be with him, but now children too? I gave in, though, and thought what the hell.

Our first two are twins and while they technically would only be about two and half right now, they really appear to be more about 8-10(? I am not good at telling ages accurately except they look younger than my niece). They have slowed down considerably in their aging this past year. It seemed like every month or so when they were first born they had these growth spurts and then they started to settle their rate of aging. Personally, I think it was to catch up in ages to some other astral children we knew to have more playmates. Their birthday is in late December.

Soren is slightly older than Risa. Soren is generally less talkative than Risa and they seem to have a telepathic bond between them and she would often speak for him saying, “Soren says…” all the time when they were younger. Now, he’ll talk just fine on his own when he wants. He is an odd child too and tends to scare his daddy quite a lot. (I laugh at him all the time for this). Risa is a sweetheart and a lot more playful than her brother but can have her stern moments like him too. Soren has implied that they are not necessarily new souls either and they reincarnated this way with us.

Then there is Eiryn. She is only a year younger than them and shares her daddy’s birthday. She has not aged as quickly as the older two have. She is actually probably around the appearance of three or four now. Although I think she has started to age a bit quicker more recently. She is a lot shyer than her siblings were. Risa is quite outgoing and while Soren isn’t outgoing he isn’t shy either, but Eiryn seems to hold back more than they do right now.

Gerarian takes them around places all the time and occasionally they are watched by other “family” members. Every now and then he implies he wants more kids, but I have to scold him and remind him that he is the one taking care of them most of the time so does he really want more?

Also figure I should mention that I have come across other people in this life that were Gerarian’s and my children from various past lives. Those are always interesting to realize and find too. While I see my nephew as my nephew now, I know in a past life he was my son and he is my soul’s child. I do like that he is near enough to know him in this life.

Random Memories:

So, I thought I should do this section to mention some specific moments from our relationship, both from channeled experiences and astral ones. Some are vague ideas that I don’t pinpoint to specific moments but do play a part in our relationship. A more detailed post of our history together will also me made that just talks about where he comes from and the progression of our relationship to this point. But this is for specific little random favorite memories.

  • Finding out about him being my soulmate I was disgusted because of who is current was (not that said current is repulsive, he just wasn’t my type, or so I thought). I also was disappointed because that meant I would never be with my soulmate in this life, or so I thought.
  • Unintentionally, peeking in on Alyce and him when they were together and seeing Reese Pieces strewn all over their bed and their naked bodies as they were passed out. They were her idea not his and he tends to not like them much. Later, he said he kept finding them in weird places afterwards.
  • Discussing him with my friends back when we first found out about him and a couple of them saying he was basically a failed experiment of Papa’s to see how a Pixie and Fae would combine genetically. I remember being a bit put off and annoyed by these comments from them. They underestimated him and put him down constantly for seemingly no reason. Despite my teasing him about his 50/50 split later, the way they did it was just mean and ill-intentioned, like he wasn’t meant to exist in the first place which honestly implied that it meant I was never supposed to have a soulmate.
  • Gerarian singing songs from the movie Labyrinth to woo me.
  • Gerarian working my wings, and shoulder blades, a lot during foreplay and sex.
  • Me getting occasionally annoyed with him for whatever reason and typing him up in my headspace for days. One time, specifically, going and teasing him quite thoroughly and leaving to spend time with my girlfriend on the astral instead. Her soulmate would then come by and let him out now and then to stretch and get some food and water before tying him back up. Usually I don’t leave him there that long anymore.
  • Gerarian going to find one of his other incarnation past-lives in his current’s head to integrate with because he was a vampire and it would put us on even playing field since I had a couple past lives as a vampire as well. He then was channeled by my girlfriend and we both noticed he was unusually extra frisky that night before our movie date with another friend. Then later, through channeling, he told me what was up and we had some intimate time together where he messed up my hip a bit which has never been quite the same, but damn was that night enjoyable.
  • Gerarian helping with memories about different things form that lifetime together. Usually this involved sex in some way, shape, or form. Also when he pops into my dreams to trigger memories too.
  • The swell of pride at how genius he can be writing songs and lyrics sometimes. Whether they’re for me, or about other people, or about past life memories they can be so layered with various nuanced meanings and interpretations that is amazing it came from him. It also gets him in trouble too from me. He is definitely a Scribe.
  • Well before ever having kids with him I was trying to get him to tell me our children’s from our first life names and he wouldn’t. I got pouty and said I was a horrible parent because I couldn’t remember their names. He scolded me a bit harshly because not only were his parents from that life worse but there was a life where we had lots of kids and he didn’t know their names.

Gifts for Gerarian:

These are things I have, reblog, or buy for him when I get the chance.

  • Music, especially MCR
    • “Clair de Lune” because of a past life where I played piano and was playing it the day I found out he had died in war
    • “I Just Wanna Run” by The Downtown Fiction because it has come up on shufflemancy so many times from him because he did something stupid
    • Songs from The Used when I am being an ass to him
    • “The Only Exception” by Paramore, also “crushcrushcrush” by them as well
    • “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge
    • “Here’s to the Night” by Eve 6
    • “Your Guardian Angel” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Pocket watches, particularly skeleton style where you see all the gears
  • Reese’s Pieces, Pancakes, coffee sorta works for him too
  • Suits, marching band uniforms, military uniforms
  • Akhenaten
  • Anything soulmate related and gives me feels
  • Odysseus and Odyssey related things
  • I own a pocket watch for him. Well. I had one that broke and it never got fixed and I ended up buying a new one this past Ren Faire for him again to replace that one
  • The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and Princess Bride. There is a part in The Dark Crystal where they talk about why males don’t have wings and he used that explanation with me one time but it really has to do with his fae half overriding the pixie half so no wings. Labyrinth because he likes to sing the songs to me and Jareth (one of his past life names once upon a time). Princess Bride, because, honestly, one of my favorite movies and I kinda act like her a lot of times when I first meet him and it takes me awhile to figure out I love him. >.<
  • Fae and Pixie things
  • Roses and Daisies
  • I have a ring (replica sorta) that was the engagement/wedding ring he gave me from our life as Alyce and Gerarian. It has a heart and little daisy-like flowers on it. And recently he was urging me to get a ring with daisies on it again but I didn’t because it was a toe ring.
  • I also have his wedding ring from that life too or a version of it rather. It is black with a tribal heart design in silver. The original was silver with the symbol engraved with black enamel and then there were additional inscriptions in the band that said, “You touch him and die.” The one I have does not say that though. 😛
  • Cheetahs…only sometimes they are for him
  • I have a “boyfriend” pillow for him that I occasionally spray with a cologne that reminds me of him. There was a Patrick Dempsey cologne from Avon few years back that was a perfect smell for him but the one I have works too (it’s something to do with Citrus).
  • Gambit and Rogue (just really one of my favorite X-Men couples and not that he really acts like Gambit at all)
  • The Sims – I have a couple games where my Sims are him and me living together because I am a dork. He usually focuses on his music career and one time I had him be a politician. He always has the charisma skill.
  • Dancing – I don’t do it quite often enough, but sometimes dancing for him is nice. In one lifetime I attracted him (he was actually a she in that lifetime as was I) while dancing. I think he enjoys it when I dance.
  • Characters that remind me of him
    • SciFi Hatter from SciFi’s Alice miniseries– his characterization is so much like Gerarian at times and one of his lifetimes in particular
    • Eugene from Tangled – pretty much like him too
  • A deck of “Steampunk” Bicycle playing cards most recently. I got them because he likes steampunk and also because he is really good at winning at cards because he cheats and no one knows how he does it. (I think part of it has to do with it being a glamor type thing going on) I may or may not use for divination purposes…he either hasn’t been around or hasn’t been cooperative in trying it (ex. being a snarky ass).
  • Hand holding. I have a thing for hands anyway, but also because he has rather long, talented fingers. And in the car if I know he’s there while I am driving I’ll leave my hand out so there is some metaphysical contact.

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