New Decks

When I went out to the New Age shop on Saturday I had been debating about getting a new deck for a while. My roommate found one that is actually quite gorgeous and I would love to have sometime myself, but I was looking for one that wasn’t Tarot or something that had built in interpretations for the cards. I wanted something that would be an intuitive based deck.

One of our psychic development classes several months back, John let us use a selection of three oracle decks with no words or phrases on them (like most oracle decks have). Two were fractal image based which I actually used then. I really liked those, despite my initial hesitancy of the trippy quality to the images but doing a more intuitive based reading off the image was actually really fun. It was quite a lot like our psychic art we do in class interpreting the paint smushings.

Anyway, I was debating between the two fractal decks, there they only had demos available to buy at the time. I can always go back and ask them to bring in a new selection of those two when I decide to buy them, but I decided on the third option. SoulCards 1 from my Weekly Tarot reading last night. My roommate has SoulCards 2 that she picked up at the used bookstore quite a while back herself.

SoulCards are really interesting. There are absolutely no set meanings to any of the cards. Each reading and each reader will honestly read each card differently depending on the situation. That is one reason they are quite intriguing. I am actually looking forward to using these more and getting them more broken in (they are quite slick and stiff right now and thus a little difficult to shuffle at the moment).

The other deck I picked up was a simple Steampunk themed Bicycle playing card deck. For one, the steampunk aspect reminded me of Gerarian as did the playing cards themselves. He is good at cards (mostly because he cheats somehow) so why not? I don’t get him much usually either so I thought this would be a nice little gift for him.

I will attempt to do readings with it, but I am not 100% sure how to read with playing cards yet. I am quite familiar with Tarot, but playing cards are a bit of a different system for me. I can’t tell yet if Gerarian likes them yet or not. He’s been a bit busy lately so he may not have realized I got them yet or else he has and has just been a dick with what cards pop out. Anyway, something new to try.


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