Maya’s Weekly Tarot 5.25

My friend wore me out yesterday on our short girls’ day nature walk, so I was too pooped to do this last night. While today is quite a ways gone, it is a good time to do my weekly tarot. ^_^

What, if anything, do I need to continue working on from previous weeks regarding my path this week?

XXI The World – Satisfaction, peace of mind. Successful conclusion. Realized goal. – From this card I am taking it that nothing from last week needs to continued into this week (except the general). What I did last week was successful and I can move forward.

What is the next step I need to make on my path this week to progress?

Six of Pentacles – He represents the cycles of dependencies between the haves and have nots. The piper sees only his one-sided generosity and does not notice how the sapling supports him on his perch. It is the ouroboros, a self-sustaining cycle. – This week I may need to take a look at the cycle of what I support and what supports me. Everything has its cycles and this one asks who holds the power in sustaining this cycle. Also made me think briefly about plans to devote myself to the Morrigan and, yeah. Not quite sure where that thought was going to lead.

Clarify this step further.

Page of Wands – She is creative and passionate. She is witty, charismatic, and outspoken with her philosophy. She encourages action and doing, to act upon desires. – While I don’t typically associate the Morrigan with this card the part about “encourages action and doing” made me think about her, especially after the last card. She prefers action and doing over indecision, and my constant pestering about what she wants me to do. In relation to the last card, she may be encouraging me here to at least start taking the steps to devote myself.

What obstacle(s) may get in my way of making this step?

XIV Temperance – Harmony and equilibrium, balancing opposites, healing. Moderation of extremes, self-restraint, harnessing absolute forces, reining them in to be wielded with purpose. Holding opposites apart from one another denies their power of unity – The part that piqued my interest in how this would be a challenge is the keeping opposites apart. Sometimes I do keep things separate from one another rather than using them together (disassociating emotions from thoughts). And this kind of thing does no good in exploring whatever supports my development.

Advice on overcoming obstacle(s).

Ten of Swords – It represents misfortune, desolation, burdens to bear, ruin, the end of delusions. Circumstances have instigated a spiraling and uncontrolled plunge. Sometimes there is nothing to do but right it out and pick up the pieces when things finally come to a halt, and learn from the mishaps. – I can’t help but think that sometimes we need to go out of balance to achieve growth in something. It stimulates our moves forward. Also, I thought about the whole denying emotions type thing too and I may need to let that happen and while it may open a floodgate and throw my off balance, it will be beneficial in the long run.


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