Maya’s Monthly Tarot for June

Week 1 – XIX The Sun – The sun shines, increasing pleasure and happiness in positive situations. It brings optimism and determination to challenging situations. This card is a gift. – At first I thought it was a bit contradictory to the week ahead spread I did, but at the same time I think it works with it. It is shining a light on things to increase my optimism and know that things will get done this week.

Week 2 – Seven of Cups – This is power of dreams and fantasies. They come out of nowhere and if we give them attention they will grow and inspire us to create or achieve great things. They can also paralyze us with fear. Be sure to allow the energy of the dream to be used productively rather than being controlled by it. – Either this week I will need to pay attention to my actual dreams or I need to take some time and focus on the things I want to push forward and create. This is also the week summer classes begin as well.

Week 3 – Seven of Pentacles – After working diligently on a project, it can be hard to wait to see the final results. We want instant gratification but this card shows another story. It is time to wait patiently. Everything that can be done has been done. When the time is right, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. – This week I may be finishing something that I can’t wait to get the results on, but I will have to wait. Whether related to the previous week’s card or not, this week I will have to have patience and wait for things to come to fruition.

Week 4 – Ace of Wands – This card heralds an opportunity, one that will require swift and decisive action. There is no time to think or weigh the pros and cons. It is an opportunity that will resonate with a deep passion and you will know that the time to act is now. – The end of June something new will be starting. That sounds promising. What will it be???

Overall Theme – Knight of Swords – This card represents someone driven and optimistic. He always seems so clear about his goals. He is intelligent and motivated by ideas and ideals rather than emotion. He knows what he wants and can determine how to achieve it. He is single-minded and can forget to consider the feelings and needs of others. – This month all the cards seem to reflect in this Knight. That this month everything will happen in the way this Knight would prefer things to be handled (or as a reminder to try to handle them his way). The Sun is optimistic and determined, the Seven of Cups is a reminder to use dreams as motivation and inspiration, the Seven of Pentacles reminds to have patience to reap what has been sown, and the Ace of Wands promises a new opportunity that must be met with decisive action.


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